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NASA came close to unraveling the mysteries of Jupiter

NASA приблизилось к разгадке тайн ЮпитераNASA said that soon solve the many mysteries of Jupiter.

American spacecraft approaches the largest planet in the solar system – Jupiter. The mission is led by NASA scientists.

The astronauts are confident that the study of this planet will help reveal the great mystery – how was the solar system formed.

Jupiter is known to mankind since ancient times. This planet is easy to see – this is one of the brightest objects in the night sky. Over the past half century to the celestial body sent several spacecraft. To explore the Jupiter is not easy. First, it is shrouded in thick clouds. And secondly, the planet’s extremely high radiation. Therefore, many questions still remain open.

In August 2011, the Americans launched into space device operating on solar batteries. Because of this he can travel great distances. The station was called “Juno” in honor of the mythical goddess. The ancient Romans believed that her husband Jupiter unleashes itself around the cloud and only Juno could see through them.

Now the legend, it seems, is becoming a reality. The machine is almost flew to a distant planet. The decisive day will be July 4 – then the ship should reach its orbit.

First the office will be located at a distance of about four thousand miles above the clouds of Jupiter. This is the maximum safe distance that will allow you to withstand the radiation. One and a half years “Juno” will fly around the planet and in that time will gather all the necessary data.

Then the ship will plunge into the atmosphere of the planet and there will burn. So scientists have planned intentionally. They don’t want in the future “Juno” hit the Europe.

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