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Named the bad habits of office workers

Названы самые вредные привычки офисных работников Office work can harm health.

As a rule, most of our day we spend in the workplace. As it turned out, during this time, you can make a lot of unconscious habits that can badly affect our health.

1. Skipping Breakfast

Although some scientists still argue, but most experts still agree that it is better to eat Breakfast than to skip it. The easiest way in the morning to drink only a Cup of coffee, but studies show that Breakfast helps start the metabolism, raise energy levels and you won’t be early in the day to feel sluggish.

2. Lunch at your Desk

Your brain needs rest. Without a break, our productivity falls. In addition, studies show that multitasking hurts work effectively, so are unlikely to do very much during dinner at the table.

3. Stooped posture at the table

In addition, bad posture leads to problems and pain in the back and shoulders, stoop, according to some studies, and even lead to deterioration of mood.

4. Sitting behind a Desk all day

Many experts say that “a sedentary lifestyle is the new Smoking.” Permanent seat at the table can lead to increased risk of many diseases. Try to stand as often as possible or to do simple exercises that can be performed right in the office.

5. Propping up her chin with her hand

Although it is convenient, but this habit is very bad for the skin and hygiene of the person.

6. Rubbing his eyes

It is also a matter of hygiene. Besides, doing it too intensely, you may injure the delicate skin under the eyes.

7. Refusal to take sick leave

Refusing to call in sick during the cold and holding her on her feet, you can seriously harm your health. In addition, you are jeopardizing the health of their colleagues in the office.

8. Crossing legs while sitting

This pose feels comfortable, but can also lead to discomfort in the back. The ideal posture for sitting experts call a flat back and legs still resting on the floor.

9. The inability to disconnect

Working burnout is absolutely realistic, especially if you’re small habits that will quickly lead to this. Mindless scrolling on the Internet after dinner, checking email before bed may seem a small thing, but little by little, lead to psychological exhaustion. Try to postpone the phone, as soon cross the threshold of the house.

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