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Is there a link between slouching and psyche

Выявлена связь между сутулостью и психикойExperts have told how poor posture affects the psyche.

Posture is an indicator of both physical and mental health. Correct posture can significantly improve your health, preventing the development of diseases of the musculoskeletal system, as well as significantly reducing the risk of injury.

Constant monitoring your posture will help significantly to slow down and delay the inevitable changes in the spine. Even if you have scoliosis or degenerative disc disease by using the correct posture you can slow down the progress of these diseases.

So, how posture is linked to our physical health.

If you don’t hold back and is constantly slouching and horbites, in consequence of a wrong posture will have a direct impact on the condition of your spine and spinal roots. Posture can disrupt the work of all internal organs, creating for them the most adverse conditions under which they will have to maintain your vital functions.

The holders of poor posture in the future can “earn” the disturbed breathing due to insufficient lung capacity, reduced excursion of the chest and diaphragm – the difference in circumference on the phase of inhalation and exhalation. These changes in turn will cause negative changes in the cardiovascular and respiratory systems will reduce the physical stress on the body.

Weak abdominal muscles and poor posture resulting from poor posture, can ruin your digestion, weaken the immune system and also contribute to the formation of toxins in the body and headaches.

Pay attention to your posture, if you do not find the natural bend in the back, in this case, you must know that each walking or running you provoke micro-lesions in the brain. Weak abdominal muscles and lack of physical activity can cause hernias.

The important influence of posture and our mental health.

The posture of our body and mental condition are interrelated. If you encounter negative emotions a person takes the appropriate posture, which is characterized by raised shoulders, lowered and pushed forward head and hunched back. This position very quickly becomes habitual and fixed in our movement patterns. Doctors believe that various emotional conditions such as neuroses are directly connected with diseases of the musculoskeletal system and abnormal posture. Bad posture, in turn, establishes the breakdown and contributes to the emergence of neuroses.

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