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LG has created a mosquito TV

LG создала антимоскитный телевизорCreated TV, which repels mosquitoes.

The Indians can literally fight for her health while watching TV. If they have a TV with the function of repelling mosquitoes. These insects carry many serious diseases, including malaria and dengue fever.

Device with function of mosquito has been released by the company LG. Her series of TVs under the brand name Mosquito Away has a built-in ultrasonic device, which uses radiation ultrasonic waves keeps insects at a distance. The company studied the Indian market and came to the conclusion that there are no devices of this type, which helped to address the growing medical and hygienic problem of mosquitoes in the country.

The cheapest model offers a 32-inch screen for $400, while the flagship 43-inch model will cost $710. LG claims that its TVs TV Mosquito Away no different no harmful emissions and use no chemical effect on insects. To combat mosquitoes no extra maintenance is required — you just turn the device into a power outlet.

Last year in the Indian capital new Delhi, there were more than 10 500 cases of dengue fever — a viral disease that is spread by mosquitoes. Thus, according to the world malaria report for 2014, only 11% of India’s population lives in areas where mosquitoes live. And in 2013, the world was 850 000 cases of malaria.

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