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How to escape from mosquitoes without chemicals

Как спастись от комаров без химииExperts told how to deal with mosquitoes by using natural remedies

With warm days to barbecue outdoors, relaxing by the water or walk in the woods join the most annoying companions — mosquitoes, midges and other small animals, which is able to big to spoil the life. And although there are a huge number of repellents, many have the attitude towards them is ambivalent: why put on unnecessary, expensive and even “chemistry”? But mosquitoes can be eliminated by using less expensive and more natural remedies. How to scare the bloodsuckers, we told the herbalist Irina Kalina from Sambor, family therapist Nataliya Savelyeva and experienced tourist Igor Vorobiev.


Mites: geranium, Bay, eucalyptus, lavender.
Mosquitoes: thyme, rosemary, litsea, clove, eucalyptus.
Black flies: sasafrass, lavender, eucalyptus, cedar, citronella, peppermint.


You can create mosquitoes for adverse conditions — such that they will fly away in search of more suitable and tasty profit. Kalina Irina from Kiev says: “the mosquitoes do not bite at all, I’m not interested in mining. Before these bloodsuckers for me, as for many, were a terror. A “tasteless” I was after the global cleansing of the body. First cut antiparasitic collection of bitter herbs, then starve 10 days, and now switched to raw food. Today, even in the swampy areas where mosquitoes and midges very much, they fly around me “clouds”, but “is” would not dare. Some also notice that mosquitoes avoid those who refuse to sugar”.

Of course, not everyone will agree to radically change the style of life — for them there’s easier ways. The fact is that mosquitoes are much more efficient means purchase mosquito repel some herbs. So, the list of plants that should be put on the site under Windows or even on the windowsill in a pot to bloodsuckers avoided your home.

CITRONELLA. Its oil is one of the most popular ingredients in all insect repellents. It is an herbaceous, spicy and aromatic plant. It is also called lemon grass, cymbopogon, lemongrass, lemon grass, celebertys. The citronella bright and strong aroma.

LEMON CATNIP. It’s like Catnip. Externally similar to Melissa. Its unusual name was given because it contained essential oil with a lemony odor that attracts cats.

MELISSA. The plant contains large amounts of essential oils, repellent bloodsuckers.

The MARIGOLDS. Very undemanding plant, its smell is able to ward off not only mosquitoes, but black flies. By the way, in some countries of Europe and Latin America dried flowers are used as a condiment known under the name of Imereti saffron.

BASIL. It is obtained from the essential oil eugenol (the main component of several essential oils) and camphor. A bundle of Basil can be put in the pram or to take to bed with me.

GARLIC. For repelling mosquitoes need garlic green arrows.

TANSY. A remarkable plant that is not loved by many pests, even mice. Flies and fleas are also bypassed by his side.

LAVENDER. A plant with soothing aroma mosquitoes also do not like, and dried flowers and even deter moths.

GERANIUM. Some dislike her because of the sharp flavor, but absolutely in vain: that he is able to scare away not only mosquitoes but also flies, fleas, lice and other parasites.

ROSEMARY. Another unpleasant for the mosquito plant. And so they left empty-handed, not necessarily to pick off the leaves. It’s enough to shake the pot, he began intensively to isolate the smell.


Mosquito repellent can be done by hand.

1. A packet of vanilla mix with a tablespoon of ordinary children’s cream and apply on open space.

2. Spray: 10 g of clove (spices) pour 150 grams of vodka and leave for a week in a dark place. The mixture can take on the outdoors and regularly spray on exposed areas of the body. Quick option: 10 drops of essential oil (orange, cedar, lavender, tea tree, geranium, clove, peppermint, thyme and citronella), 10 ml alcohol and 100 ml of water, mix, pour into spray bottle and spray the room. Such sprays can also treat clothes before you go to woods or to the pond. It makes sense to apply these fragrances directly on the body, but the procedure must be repeated every two hours.

3. You can light an aroma lamp (5-7 drops of oil in water) or decompose the oil-soaked strips of paper around the apartment. If you have a private house, in the yard to place the vessels with water and fragrance oil. These drugs scare the flies, works especially well a mixture of oils of tea tree, lavender, geranium and clove (of course, if they are not allergic).


One of the popular anti-mosquito devices — a bracelet from mosquitoes. It is a strip of non-woven material on the rivets, impregnated with insect repellent. Action time is about 240 hours. In order to save the pack the bracelet in a plastic bag when not using it — so it won’t fizzle out. And is already fully served their bracelets can be reanimated, if you blow the whistle on them the oil of citronella (8 ml you can buy for 25-30 USD). It is also possible to impregnate this oil a broad strip of linen, cotton or a bracelet of wooden beads.


There are anti-mosquito candles, which during burning releases the aroma, frightening bloodsuckers. They can also be done by yourself. You will need a glass container, such as jars or glasses, a few inexpensive candles can be melted remains (about 200 g), 20 drops of citronella essential oils, tin.

Candles cut and put in the tin, put it in a pot of boiling water and melt (on steam bath). Paraffin pull out the wicks and add the citronella essential oil (you can use essential oil of clove, eucalyptus or a mixture thereof). Stir and remove from heat. Install new wick and pour melted paraffin. Let cool until the wax hardens, about a day.

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