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Jaguar will release a line of “ecological” crossovers

Jaguar выпустит линейку «экологических» кроссоверовAutomobile brand, Jaguar has shared their plans for 2020.

Jaguar Land Rover in 2020 will release four new ecological crossover.

Now the company is testing a new body F-Pace, which hides the true shape of the car.

Not so long ago in the UK experts have noticed one of the cars of Jaguar with a hybrid engine. The new 2.0-litre diesel unit and an electric motor. Crossover will reach larger sizes than its predecessor, the F-Pace. The Assembly of the vehicle will begin in 2018.

Jaguar has already patented two other new items called E-Pace and I-Pace. As the power plant these cars get motors. The test vehicle is scheduled for 2017. On the basis of the new platform will build several cars of mark Land Rover.

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