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2024 Porsche SUVs: What’s New on the Macan and Cayenne

Porsche updates its lineup with a new hybrid, new electrics, and a V-8 Cayenne S.

Porsche has now included SUVs as part of its portfolio for 20 years, starting with the Cayenne. You’ll still find folks who will assert these so-called mall crawlers aren’t real Porsches, but the Cayenne has been around longer than the 356 was, and anyone who’s spent time behind the wheel of a Macan knows it’s way more than a Porsche-crested Audi Q5.

The 2024 model year brings noteworthy improvements to the Cayenne, plus we have details on what’s next for the Macan including electrification. Porsche clearly has big plans for the future of its SUVs, so here’s everything you can expect from 2024 Porsche SUVs.

2024 Porsche Macan: What’s New
The current Porsche Macan is getting long in the tooth, but changes for 2024 are minimal. A driver memory package is now standard on the base Macan and Macan T, and a wireless charging pad is newly included across the lineup. Here’s hoping Porsche decides to introduce a yet-to-be-announced rad special edition or performance variant whenever the life cycle of the first-gen gas-powered Macan ends. Where’s the Turbo (and beyond)? Perhaps its coming under different power in the near future …

2025 Porsche Macan EV: What To Expect
We’ve known the next Macan would be available as an electric model since 2019, but now we have details, and we’ve actually driven the thing. The Macan EV will officially launch in January 2024 with a standard model alongside a performance model, likely badged Turbo based on our peek at an interior wearing Porsche’s new Turbonite badging.

We’re sure it’ll drive well, despite being bigger in every dimension than the gas model, but the big news is the battery and anticipated range. The electric Macan will carry a 100-kWh battery, likely providing more than 300 miles of range in at least one of its trims. It’ll be able to charge at 270 kW with DC fast charging, too, so owners won’t have to wait long to charge. The brand’s Taycan EV was a wonderful proof of concept as an all-electric car that drives like a Porsche, but it has always struggled to provide enough range to make sense for many buyers. This Macan EV should change all of that.

2024 Porsche Macan Pros And Cons
– Terrific driving experience
– Extensive paint, trim, and performance options
– Superb perceived build quality

– Tight interior dimensions
– Can get rather expensive
– Underwhelming base model

2024 Porsche Cayenne: What’s New
The third-gen Porsche Cayenne debuted for 2019, so we aren’t surprised to see a heavy refresh for 2024. A new headlight design is the most obvious indication you’re looking at the new model, but that may be the least significant change.

The facelifted Cayenne S now has a detuned version of the GTS trim’s V-8 engine (in place of the outgoing model’s twin-turbo V-6), and the whole lineup gets tweaked suspension and improved interior tech and driver assists. Both existing E-Hybrid models see major improvements, too, and there’s a new middle-tier Cayenne S E-Hybrid slotted between the base electrified SUV and the 729-hp Turbo S E-Hybrid. For folks who want some all-electric driving range with the versatility and driving dynamics of a Cayenne, the options have never been better.

2024 Porsche Cayenne Pros And Cons
– One-car solution versatility
– Excellent plug-in hybrid options
– Impressive off-road performance

– Expensive, even before options
– Coupe’s bland styling
– Less cargo space than its peers

On The Way: The 2027 Porsche K1
While we’re on the topic of Porsche SUVs, let us remind you of a little not-so-little project on the horizon. Porsche is developing a three-row EV internally known as the K1 to slot above the Cayenne in its lineup. The K1 will have 900-volt fast-charging and upward of 1,000 hp when it hits the road, but prospective buyers will need to be patient. We don’t expect to see the three-row Porsche SUV at dealers until at least 2027.

Porsche has confirmed that this model will be built in a new facility at its Leipzig, Germany factory alongside the current and future Macan and Panamera models. Like similar luxury three-row SUVs, we expect it to potentially offer a two-row five-seat arrangement as well as potential six- or seven-seat three-row arrangements.

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