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It became known as the ancient people used the tomb

Стало известно, как древние люди использовали гробницыScientists have found, which in ancient times was built the tomb.

During a conference of the Royal astronomical society (Nottingham) researchers have suggested that the stone tomb was used by the ancient people as astronomical instruments.

Scientists are convinced that dark entrance to the tomb, which is found in Portugal and which is about six thousand years, the light from the stars the ancients saw more clearly. The researchers added that the inputs in tak constructions built in accordance with the star Aldebaran.

Scientist Fabio Silva, one of the authors of the studies said that as the telescope used a long narrow passage tombs, which usually pointed to the horizon. Due to this, the ancient people could focus on the required portion of the sky.

The walls of the tombs were protected from the pre-dawn sun, and the eyes of the man in the tomb, were accustomed to the darkness and to better distinguish the light of the stars.

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