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In Yellowstone Park found unknown mushrooms

В Йеллоустонском парке нашли неизвестные науке грибыScientists have found unknown microorganisms.

Microbiologists from the U.S. have found in Yellowstone Park with new single-celled organisms. Information about the discovery was published on the official website of the oak ridge national laboratory. The full report was published in the journal Nature Communications.

Previously unknown to science unicellular microbes have been called Nanopusillus acidilobi. The discovery was made during exploration of the plant world Yellowstone Park. Scientists have found that these microorganisms are among the smallest on Earth. It is noted that the size of microbes reach up to 100-300 nanometers. This type of microbes refers to parasites, and they feed on molecules from the genus Acidilobus. To study the activity of such microorganisms is very difficult, because their natural habitat is geothermal springs of Yellowstone.

In the report the researchers also described the ways of adaptation and interaction of this type of organisms. They also believe that in those extreme sources may be other living organisms. The study continues to this day. Experts believe that this experience will allow to find use of microbes in different spheres, from energy production to medicine.

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