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The most beautiful national parks of Europe. Photo

Самые красивые национальные парки Европы. ФотоTo realize the value of wildlife and privacy, it is necessary to understand from their own experience — they are national parks.

When visiting Europe, we often travel around the beautiful cities and capitals.

However, one should not stay only in urban areas because You miss the amazing natural scenery. From the Lake district of England to the National Park of Gran Paradiso in the Italian Alps, national parks of Europe — the best way to appreciate the unique natural ecosystem of Europe. During your next European vacation try to make a stop at one or two of the most beautiful national parks of Europe.

Park Jotunheimen

Самые красивые национальные парки Европы. Фото

Jotunheimen national Park in Norway, also known as the Land of Giants because of the numerous mountain ranges. The Park is home to more than 250 mountain peaks, among which are some of the highest peaks in Europe. At the foot of these mountains is located the bright blue of the lake with meltwater, creating a stunning landscape. Jotunheimen national Park is rich in wildlife — it is home to reindeer, elk and lynx, and teeming trout lake perfect for fishing.

The Lake District

Самые красивые национальные парки Европы. Фото

One of the most beautiful and relaxing destinations in all the UK national Park Lake district (lake district). As the name suggests, the Park is home to countless lakes, but his beauty is not limited. Visitors come to the lake district to enjoy long walks on the trails at the backdrop of mountain peaks to admire the elegant, from the viewing platforms and take a break from the bustle of the city in secluded tourist hotels.

Yes, Caldera Taburiente

Самые красивые национальные парки Европы. Фото

When people think of the Canary Islands and the island of La Palma, the first thing an Association with beaches and resorts, but not with the picturesque nature, and especially with the reserves. However, the Spanish island is home to amazing National Park Caldera de Taburiente. In the heart of the Park is a giant crater, known as the mountain arc. In this natural reserve You can travel along the Hiking trail along the edge of the mountain, to admire the green valley and even the sea.

The national Park of białowieża

Самые красивые национальные парки Европы. Фото

On the border between Poland and Belarus is the national Park of białowieża is a large sanctuary, considered the last remaining primeval forest in Europe. Here you can see the bison in their natural habitat. National Park Belovezhskaya Pushcha is the perfect destination for Hiking and Cycling along the winding paths and tracks. Be sure to visit your local Museum of nature and forests, to learn more about the wildlife of the Park.

Oulanka national Park

Самые красивые национальные парки Европы. Фото

In Northern Finland is amazing Oulanka national Park. It was founded in the territories of people who lived, worked, and fished in the area until the 17th century. Oulanka national Park provides the chance to hike along Karhunkierros the most popular Hiking trail in all of Finland. Among other ways in the Park, a popular berry picking, Biking, Canoeing on the many rivers and overnight in wooden huts throughout the Park.

Park Saxon Switzerland

Самые красивые национальные парки Европы. Фото

Despite the slightly misleading name of the national Park Saxon Switzerland is actually located within the German border near the city of Dresden. Bizarre stone formations and spectacular views are only some of the wonderful attractions of this national Park in Europe. Reserve Saxon ideal for climbing and Hiking. Not even rising to the top, You will be able to visit the most beautiful places, including the bridge of Bastion and the high Fortress of Konigstein, which rises to 245 metres above the Elbe river.

Park Gran Paradiso

Самые красивые национальные парки Европы. Фото

In the Alps of Northern Italy lies the national Park of Grand Paradiso. Originally, the Park was created to protect animals from poachers, as the area was the private hunting grounds of the king. Part of the Park is covered by forests, as part of the millennial glaciers. Hiking trails cover the entire Park, including the mountain top of Grand Paradiso, offering spectacular views of the neighbouring Alpine peaks — Mont Blanc and the Matterhorn.

Durmitor in Montenegro

Самые красивые национальные парки Европы. Фото

The most famous national Park of Montenegro — Durmitor. Surrounded by river canyons of Durmitor is an enormous mountain peaks, untouched nature and surreal contrasts. Reserve Durmitor popular among those who wish to climb to the tops of mountains, admire the glacial lakes, skiing, or snowboarding.

Loch Lomond

Самые красивые национальные парки Европы. Фото

National Park Loch Lomond in Scotland, covering the Loch Lomond and the Trossachs national Park, as well as a number of stunning mountains with peaks of Ben more, Loch long and stab Bindin. The West highland Way is the main trail through the Loch Lomond leading to the spectacular viewing platforms. Here you have the luxury of privacy surrounded by untouched nature. The Park has a number of small settlements where You can stay for the night, drink a pint of beer or a pub lunch before heading further journey.

Ordesa national Park

Самые красивые национальные парки Европы. Фото

The Pyrenean mountain chain ranges runs along the border between France and Spain, forming the national Park of Ordesa. The Park also encompasses lush green valley at the base of the mountain, from where starts the most amazing Hiking trails along the high Pyrenees. Here you can see the rare representatives of the world of wildlife, including hawks, owls, mountain goats and marmots.

The Vatnajökull national Park

Самые красивые национальные парки Европы. Фото

The magnificent Vatnajökull national Park — one of the main attractions in Iceland, covering the eponymous glacier. Vatnajökull can be called a Park of contrasts, with its snow-capped mountains, deep blue rivers, and active geothermal areas. The most visited attraction of the Park is Laguna Jokulsarlon with glaciers icebergs and waterfalls Svartifoss and Dettifoss. The best way to explore the Vatnajökull national Park Hiking. Here there are countless of sites for camping, where you can stay overnight.

Triglav national Park
Secluded national Park Slovenia Triglav surrounds of mount Triglav — the highest peak in the country. National Park Triglav is in the Julian Alps, which are famous for their high peaks and lush valleys. The picturesque River SOCA and Sava flow from the Park to the Adriatic and Black Seas, along the way forming several lakes. The Park is a major attraction for domestic tourism of Slovenia, attracting also travelers from other countries.

The Hohe Tauern

Самые красивые национальные парки Европы. Фото

National Park Hohe Tauern (Hoge Tauern) surrounds the eponymous mountain range in the Central Eastern Alps of Austria. The Hohe Tauern is the largest nature reserve in the Alps, the birthplace of tundra, forests, glaciers and waterfalls. It is extremely popular for Hiking and climbing to the tops of the mountains, of course popular. Even the trip to the Park will be a fascinating journey, as the road passes through mountains and extraordinary tunnels along the scenic Grossglockner High Alpine Road.

Plitvice Lakes

Самые красивые национальные парки Европы. Фото

In the middle of Croatia is the beautiful national Park Plitvice Lakes — a forest reserve with a series of 16 remarkable cascading lakes. Each of the lakes are connected by waterfalls and footbridges that stretches to the picturesque limestone canyon. Some of the bridges pass directly over the lake, revealing breathtaking views. Many Park guests also have the opportunity to visit the caves and see the Plitvice lakes in a unique perspective directly from the cliff.

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