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In the Smolensk region has fined a man, released gay game

На Смоленщине оштрафовали мужчину, выпустившего гей-игруIn the Smolensk region has fined a man who released a gay game. The Creator of controversial children’s game “Fanty” is obliged to pay 45 thousand rubles administrative fines for propaganda of non-traditional sexual relations.
The game appeared in the network children’s goods “Katyusha” at the beginning of 2014. The chain has 32 outlets in the Central and southern Federal districts. It all started with a scandal in the Stavropol. There were outraged parents, who paid attention to the job the game: you had to simultaneously kiss each other in the stomach, play a role in the erotic Thriller, to seduce the interlocutor, kissing Threesome, meeting to portray same-sex couples and many others.
At the end, this game was discovered in Rostov, where with the help of the prosecution, the people has ensured that the product was withdrawn from sale, but soon the game came in Pyatigorsk, Yessentuki and Nevinnomyssk.
In the Smolensk region “Forfeits” has not been sold, but in Moscow you were to buy in the most expected place for it – in a sex shop. And when about the product blew media, the game jumped up in price from 700 to 2500 rubles.
It took the law enforcers. During the inspection it was found that the game contained moments that promote same-sex relationships. Case on administrative violation was submitted to the court.
The process lasted quite long, as legislation stipulates a severe punishment for acts of this kind, and the game manufacturer have tried every possible way to evade justice. Nevertheless, he was fined, and now addresses the question of prosecuting the company, which produces the game. We are talking about a fine of up to one million rubles.

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