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Identified common mistakes made by dieters people

Названы типичные ошибки, совершаемые худеющими людьмиYou may not be aware that they make mistakes, and the weight meanwhile will be in place.

If you spend the evening in the gym, “sit” on various diets and you still can’t lose weight, it is, first and foremost, analyze your diet, writes the Chronicle.Info with reference to Browser.

We have compiled a list of the 9 most common mistakes that prevent to achieve a slim figure:

1. You are not cooking in advance

Hunger is the main enemy of “losing weight”. Agree, when the stomach twists from hunger spasms, while at hand the only slot machine with chocolate bars, chips and soda, it is incredibly difficult to resist and not to buy something is terribly high in calories and harmful.

To save yourself from such temptations of the internally is very simple: plan your meals in advance. And it’s not just about Breakfast, lunch and dinner, but also about all the snacking in between.

Ideally you need to plan your diet for the week ahead (it takes you no more than 30 minutes) in advance to buy all the products in the store. This method will significantly save both your time and your money, and most importantly gives you free access to healthy and nutritious products within the next seven days.

2. You don’t tell your friends that you want to lose weight

Not necessarily every five minutes to trumpet their desire to lose weight, especially should not do this in social networks — of course, if you don’t want to test the strength of the nervous system of your subscribers. But if you realize that joint gatherings with friends and colleagues over full and unconditional failure of your diet because you can’t refuse the offer to try a new dessert or order one pizza for two, it is best to hint everyone at the table that in the foreseeable future vegetable salad you will be quite enough.

This confession not only frees you from the temptations and useless dilemmas, but will also open you and your friends new ways of being together. Why to overeat all evening in the cafe, if you can, for example, go jump on the trampoline or fly on the trapeze? Have fun and lose weight — what could be better!

3. You eat either too much protein or too little

Despite the fact that no carb protein diets promote weight loss and help to achieve quick results, in the long run they are absolutely not acceptable. The rejection of the vital nutrients contained in fruits, vegetables, nuts and grains, can lead to serious health problems.

While insufficient protein intake is also dangerous — it can cause increased fat in the body. So look for a middle ground and remember that food diversity is the key to the smooth operation of the gastrointestinal tract and a slim figure. The main thing is to ensure that the food was healthy and natural, and the portions are small but frequent.

4. You justify overeating future training

If you truly believe that 30 minute jog gives you the right to eat four slices of pizza and drink tea vprikusku with cake, you are deeply mistaken. A half-hour run will save you an average of 300 calories, but the calorie cupcake you just ate, clearly not less than 400-450 units. Plus with this approach you and after a workout will want to eat something “wrong” that you will safely promise myself to “work it off” tomorrow at the gym.

So, anyway, you still can not lose weight, but add (and we have a pizza does not count). As you can see, this method of weight control is not something that does not work — it generates a wrong food habits leads to the recruitment of extra pounds. Remember: sport is one of the components of a healthy lifestyle, and not the tool work on the bugs.

5. You are replacing meals with alcohol

If you think that one alcoholic cocktail, ordered instead of a full dinner will not break your diet and will only bring you closer to the desired proportions, then hurry to disappoint you — beautiful shape and Margarita is not very compatible.

First, the alcohol drunk on an empty stomach, speeds up the process of intoxication, and if you planned to order only one, then get ready to shell out — hunger played out in earnest, and your self-control will be at the bottom just drinking a Mojito. Secondly, any cocktail is a dozen spoons of sugar and a total lack of nutrients. Why do you need empty calories?

And finally, the headache in the morning and aches throughout the body will automatically cancel scheduled for the evening trek to the gym. So the next time you come in the cafe, try not to forget that alcohol increases the overall calorie content of all eaten and drunk several times, while the essence of any diet is to this calories to reduce and make every meal maximum nutritional.

6. You abandoned your favorite dishes

Expertly eliminating from your diet all your favorite foods (high-calorie favorites and such), you most likely believe I did the right thing, but in fact, alas, doomed themselves to inevitable failure.

If you love chocolate, French fries or ice cream, there is nothing wrong with occasionally (but periodically) to include them in your diet. These little “concessions” will help you to fight the desire to send everything to hell and go back to the old way of life — be prepared: this desire will soon arise.

Don’t turn yourself into a prisoner who sooner or later will start a revolution. Try to make your diet as varied and balanced, but if you suddenly want something sweet, do not ignore this need of the body and try to cook healthy desserts (only 200 calories and they are delicious).

7. You are satisfied with the “boot” days every week

If you really want to change your lifestyle and form new eating habits, then you can make a day of binge eating and overeating you to anything. One day can undo a whole week of hard work and rigid constraints. So if you still think eating a hamburger for lunch and pizza for dinner, you fool your own stomach, then, alas, this does not happen — you will only cheat yourself.

Your task is to find a Golden middle and avoid extremes. If you want a pizza, that doesn’t mean you need to eat it all and throughout the day then to overeat. One slice will be enough. Ate? Can you go back to the old diet.

8. You do not count calories

You ever tried to walk blindfolded? Well, got to the right places? So, counting calories is your “vision” while on a diet. Recording everything that you eat during the day, you, first, see the real calorie content of your diet, and secondly, learn to manage it.

You can take a normal notebook or you download any useful app on the phone — no matter how important to each eaten a piece was recorded and later analyzed.

9. You eat diet and low fat foods

Low fat foods — marketing the main victory of this century. Sometimes even the feeling that the label “low-calorie product” justifies everything — and huge amounts of sugar and salt in the composition, and the endless flavors and enhancers.

Recent studies have shown that “diet” products are absolutely not satisfy your hunger — after 15 minutes you catch yourself thinking that you want to have again. Nutritionists agree that the right to build your diet based on natural and fresh ingredients — they contain essential nutrients micro – and macronutrients and are completely absent dangerous harmful additives.

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