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How long should I sleep to lose weight

Сколько нужно спать, чтобы худеть

Perhaps this is every woman’s dream – went to bed at night, woke up in the morning and five minutes away with pounds. In reality, of course, is hard to imagine, but according to scientists at Harvard University a full and deep sleep still promotes weight loss. Experts believe, to all processes in the body functions as a watch and did not disappoint the metabolism a person needs no less than 6.5 hours a day.

To make such conclusions, they helped the experiment, which was attended by 130 volunteers – all women of different ages. The experience lasted ten years. All this time the experts watched, how much sleep the participants and what is the quality of their night’s rest, as well as changing their condition. Analysis of the results showed that repeated violations of sleep increased the risk of developing diabetes and the formation of extra pounds on 45%. Basically, it is connected with night hunger.

If circadian rhythms of sleep lose, it begins to produce more amount of hormones that trigger appetite, which is why even a small portion of food can lead to the formation of extra pounds. Also with poor sleep the body loses its sensitivity to insulin, which also leads to the appearance of fat deposits.

In addition, the sleep mode is very hit gadgets, thanks to which any woman is looking at social networks before bed. The light from the screen inhibits melatonin production and causes sleep disturbance. According to the newspaper “Komsomolskaya Pravda – Volgograd”.

In General, do the conclusions of scientists, to sleep so to sleep. Times already came into the bedroom, it’s time to think about the good in silence without being distracted by extraneous things.

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