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Grass is used to make more thin and strong condoms

Трава используется, чтобы сделать более тонкие и крепкие презервативы

Scientists from the University of Queensland in Australia have been successful in the manufacture of condoms with the addition of nanocellulose obtained from local herbs. Except that they are stronger than typical latex condoms, they can be as thin as the diameter of a human hair.

Working with the indigenous people of Englandi-Didan in the field Camooweal in North-West Queensland, the researchers collected grass spinifex. Then it is sliced into pulp, was mixed with sodium hydroxide and pushed through a small opening under high pressure. It effectively cleanses the nano pulp from the pulp, leaving a flexible fiber in water.

When added to the natural latex of these fibers received superkrepkoe, but thin condoms. In normal tests, they were able to cope with the pressure 20 percent larger than normal condoms, and hold 40 percent more volume.

“With some refinements, we believe that we can design a latex condom, which will be about 30 percent thinner, but will pass all the standards, but with more optimization work, we can make the device even more subtle than that,” says Queensland Professor Darren Martin. – “At the end of last year, we were able to get to about 45 microns on our very first commercial condom, what is the width of the hair on the head.

In addition to offering increased sensitivity, condoms can also be manufactured using less material, thereby reducing their cost. Both of these factors can lead to more people choosing to use them, helping in the fight against sexually transmitted diseases.

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