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Fruits and vegetables, it is best cleansing the lungs

Овощи и фрукты, лучше всего очищающие легкиеExperts say that there is a certain list of products, the use of which can clear the lungs.

So you can breathe freer, you need in your daily menu to introduce several useful products that will help effectively clean the lungs. Do not dismiss information if you have decided that you, as the person Smoking it to anything and you have light, like Agafia’s taiga. Remember that almost every one of us wittingly or unwittingly, is a passive smoker.

Our lungs work non-stop 24 hours a day and so all my life, as they say, until the last breath. Every day the average person makes about 20,000 breaths. The light is constantly pull in the surrounding air and help the body to get rid of unnecessary carbon dioxide.

Lung disease is pretty serious and unfortunately widespread. To protect yourself from this scourge, is to give up Smoking, to disperse around the lovers to smoke, to engage systematically in the gym and practice one of the many breathing exercises, but also constantly eating food to cleanse the lungs.

Cruciferous vegetables – the best example of which is the cabbage of any variety. These vegetables are a great means to cleanse the lungs, thanks to the antioxidants within them.

Products containing carotenoids
– they significantly reduce the risk of developing lung cancer. These products are easily recognizable – they have orange or red color. Ie all fruits or vegetables bright orange color is a great help to your lungs, allowing to prevent the development of asthma.

Products containing omega-3 fatty sour
t – this can be flax seed, sea fish, and nuts – they all contain takin acids, which help fight asthma.

Products with folic acid
– they are good in the prevention of lung cancer. These foods include: spinach; asparagus; beets; lentils, garlic, which is staggeringly quickly clears the lungs and protects them from infections thanks to its anti-inflammatory property. Garlic is recommended for use in asthma and helps reduce the risk of developing lung cancer.

Products containing vitamin C – this vitamin is an excellent “vehicle” for transport of oxygen throughout the body. Products, which include vitamin C, great for improving lung function. Is: kiwi; peppers; citrus; grapefruits; tomatoes; broccoli; pineapple and many other fruits and vegetables.

– these contain polyphenols anthocyanins, flavonoids, beta-carotene, lutein and zeaxanthin. Berries are excellent protection against lung cancer and AIDS in the treatment of inflammatory and infectious diseases.

Apples – due to the contained flavonoids and mnojestva vitamins, they improve respiratory function and prevent the development of diseases of the lungs.

Ginger and turmeric – these spices have anti-inflammatory properties and is able to clean the lungs of harmful substances. Spices can and should continually add all the dishes to counter the cancer cells.

Grapefruit and pomegranates – they contain vitamins, antioxidants, minerals and flavonoids that clean the lungs from carcinogens.

Products containing magnesium – this mineral is able to increase the efficiency of breathing. Best sources: seeds, nuts and beans.

Water – it is extremely necessary light, and its lack leads to a series of violations in its work. Also water appear dangerous toxins that are harmful for lungs.

To bring maximum benefit to his body, is to saturate your daily diet with essential nutrients.

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