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English schoolchildren have discovered a new giant planet

Английские школьники открыли новую планету-гигантBritish students managed to discover a new planet in the constellation Virgo.

British schoolchildren with the help of the staff of the city University of Keele managed to open the giant planet class “hot Neptune”. It is reported that this celestial body is in the constellation Virgo, which was removed from the earth at a distance of 800 light years.

Information about the discovery provided by the press service of the University.

One of the scientists of the University together with the students studied space and wanted to discover the “Tatooine”, which is able to rotate directly around the two stars. In addition, they had to learn the graphics flicker a couple hundred stars. The study was based on databases from the orbital telescope “Kepler”. The schedules of the student with the scientist succeeded, but to detect “Tatooine” — no, but instead they found something more. It is a “hot Neptune”, located in the vicinity of the constellation Virgo.

They studied the behavior of the planet and found that one revolution around its axis it makes the earth for 19 days, while the surface temperature exceeds a thousand degrees Kelvin (15 times higher than on Earth). Celestial body located at a distance of 800 light years from Earth, so to get extra information, you need to use more powerful telescopes.

It is reported that the students engaged in the study of the heavenly bodies on the created project to popularize astronomy and astrophysics. They had to follow the stars, make graphs and analyze what he saw. One of the important priorities in the organization of such activities is team cohesion. The discovery of a new planet in the constellation Virgo became for the disciples an unexpected bonus.

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