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China has built the world’s largest telescope

В Китае построили крупнейший в мире телескопThe diameter of the telescope FAST is 500 metres away.

Thursday, July 3, was completed installation of the last reflective panels, at the same time ended the main phase of construction of the FAST telescope, the largest telescope in the world. Giant FAST has been nicknamed the “Chinese eye in the sky”, which is pushed from the pedestal of the telescope from Puerto Rico in the Arecibo Observatory, its diameter is 300 metres away, and until recently, the biggest was he.

News Agency Xinhua reports that the telescope has become the most perfect research tool Chinese astronomers. It is expected that the first study will conduct in September.

Work on the creation of the largest telescope in the world lasted five years, and before proceeding to its construction, experts almost ten years was engaged in preliminary calculations and research. The work was carried out intensively, thousands of scientists and engineers lived in the gorge of Guizhou province in 2011 and continuously worked.

The telescope will allow scientists to observe unusual cosmic phenomena, will be able to pick up the signals of interstellar communication, and certainly will be useful in the search for extraterrestrial civilizations. The diameter of the telescope FAST is 500 metres away, the cost of the telescope 180 million U.S. dollars.

The construction of this telescope is part of an extensive space program of China. In the nearest plans of China building its own space station and a space telescope that is more powerful than the American telescope “Hubble” 300 times.

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