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Moscow Chinese: the celestial Empire is booming Russian capital

Москва китайская: Поднебесная стремительно захватывает русскую столицу

At the end of last year the Moscow public, among which are active defenders of the historical heritage of the town, was agitated by the unexpected news: in the heart of the Russian capital will be a huge Chinese hotel called the Mandarin. To manage a new hotel complex in the center of Moscow will be the company Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group, the headquarters is located in Hong Kong. And generally in Moscow the representatives of the country of Confucius feel quite at ease, especially in the South-East of the capital, which was flooded with Chinese traders. And this is, in fact, is a reflection of the ongoing creeping expansion of China in our country, which persistently makes its way by methods of “soft power” in the economy and culture. But the huge Chinese hotel a few hundred meters from St. Basil’s Cathedral and the towers of the Moscow Kremlin will be the symbol of domination of Beijing over Moscow and will show us who is the “elder” brother in the new era of Russian-Chinese relations.

The sharp deterioration of Russia’s relations with the West in 2014 and the introduction of anti-Russian sanctions has demonstrated, as then it was fashionable to speak, a reversal of Russia to the East, in the direction of the “Chinese comrades”. Indeed, Moscow was then displayed great activity to deepen ties with its southeastern neighbor, wanting to show the world the futility of the Western policy of isolation of our country. Beijing also was not against, because, having serious problems with the U.S. and Europe, Russia is increasingly drawn to China, which was not away with the maximum benefit to take advantage of my role as the magic wand is for the Russian Federation. And all would be well, only in Beijing perceive its Northern neighbor not only as “younger brother” in politics and in the economy of the Chinese in Russia for a long time I feel most at ease. And this is felt not only in the far East and Siberia, but also in the heart of our Motherland – Moscow, on the gilded domes which red Chinese dragon feels cozier and bolder.Москва китайская: Поднебесная стремительно захватывает русскую столицу


Chinese soldiers on red square the Symbol of this may well be a new project that the Chinese along with Russian investors plan to implement in the very center of Moscow – Zaryadye. This ancient district is located on the banks of the Moscow river, directly opposite the Kremlin, red square and St. Basil’s Cathedral. In Soviet time it was almost completely demolished and then erected a huge hotel stood there until 2006. In 2011 the President of Russia Vladimir Putin proposed to divide the Park, work on which is now going on in full swing. Everything seems to be fine, but the trouble came, as they say, from not waiting. The fact is that remaining from this ancient area of the last two houses decided to convert into a hotel. Although the word “convert” here sounds, is not really appropriate: it would be more correct to say demolish and build new. Only this time it was a large concrete “a glass”, it is not fitting to the appearance of the surrounding area, where in addition to the main symbols of Russia, there are numerous churches and other monuments of our capital.

And gave such a “good” idea to none other than the Chinese. So, a Hong Kong company Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group has announced its agreement with the Russian businessman Dmitry Shumkovym, who agreed to allocate part of the funds for the construction of a Chinese hotel. It is reported that Shumkov is a very well known player in the capital market of real estate. So, last year he bought a 64 percent stake in the sports complex “Olympic” Avenue of the World. Shumkov now intends to work with the Chinese, showing greater interest in real estate and large construction projects in Moscow. However, with the options of hotel complex the business of the PRC has not yet decided, but it will be done, apparently, in the near future. Anyway, over the upcoming demolition of the remaining of the old district houses actively grow structure, designed for dismantling buildings. Called and the cost of the new buildings – about $ 250 million, and is scheduled to open in 2017.

It should be said that charge is not the only place to which the Chinese are showing interest. To turn businessmen from China plan is widely. So, Mandarin Oriental intends to take control of one of the best and oldest Moscow hotel “Beijing” on Tverskaya street. It is also reported that the plans of the Chinese to deploy the active construction of hotels and retail space throughout Moscow, because the Russian capital, Mandarin Oriental does not belong to a single large property. And this, according to Chinese businesses, is unacceptable, especially in the context of the “convergence” of Russia and China in the economic field.


Москва китайская: Поднебесная стремительно захватывает русскую столицу

Projects of Chinese in Addition to the demolition of two homes for the construction of the next glass and concrete monster, there are rumors that it is preparing the destruction of the only partially preserved section of the Kitai-Gorod wall that was built in the middle of the XVI century, during the Regency of the mother of Ivan the terrible Elena Glinskaya. A piece of the wall adjacent to the demolished buildings, so it is likely that the customers in the building for profit will not regret pieces of the Russian past, which is not only Moscow, but also all-Russian heritage.

The question here, however, is not just about the money. Because the construction of Chinese hotels in the heart of the Russian capital, where the red square is literally a stone’s throw, is very symbolic. It is symbolic in the sense that getting up in front of the Kremlin and St. Basil’s Cathedral Chinese “glass” is a symbol of transforming our country into a slave of the celestial Empire, a symbol of the dominance of China over Russia in the political, economic and even cultural. China rapid gesture and insolent tone as if says: “I am the boss!”. Putting their offspring near the heart of Russia, China hands of his big business gives us to understand that talking with us will not be equal, but from a position of “I master, you slave”. And let the offended friendly speeches of the first persons of the Chinese state, because fine words about partnership and friendship is just a way to lull potential victims. On this place on the street Varvarka should appear hotel.

Москва китайская: Поднебесная стремительно захватывает русскую столицу

On this place on the street Varvarka should appear hotel. The Kremlin and red square – 3 minutes at a leisurely pace in Addition to big Chinese business, Moscow actively migrate to the small traders and labourers from China. The last two categories are actively settle in the South-East of the capital, in the Lublin district, where is one of the largest Metropolitan markets – a trading-exhibition complex “Moscow”. It should say that in Moscow still there is no Chinatown in the typical understanding of this phenomenon in the West – with clear boundaries within the city, signs in Chinese, paper lanterns, and other attributes of the celestial Empire. And despite the fact that counting the number of Chinese in Moscow is quite difficult, some experts agree in opinion that in the Russian capital their about 100 thousand people. The inside of the Diaspora there is a fairly clear division into groups – businessmen, the management of Chinese companies, student community, as well as merchants and workers. The latter are the least influential group in the Diaspora, but the most numerous. While they work, and sometimes live in the most appalling conditions for a few dozen people in a small Studio apartment.

As for the Lublin district, the core of which, according to local residents, ripens a full-fledged Chinatown, to actively settle here, the Chinese began after the closure of Cherkizovsky market (“Cherkizon” in the nation) in 2009. According to some media reports, it worked more than 60 thousand Chinese people. The closure and demolition of the market has caused sharply negative reaction of Chinese officials who claimed “huge damage” caused to the Russian-Chinese trade relations. After that, Chinese traders began arriving in Lublin, where a new point of application of their efforts was a huge trade-exhibition complex “Moscow” and the market “Gardener”.

Москва китайская: Поднебесная стремительно захватывает русскую столицу

With the beginning of “aquitainia” district, as the locals say, there are a lot of ads on renting housing for the Chinese. And these ads are a success, because according to some reports, the Chinese pay in half, and then twice more. Yes and to living conditions unpretentious (this, again, applies only to the lowest “caste” of the Chinese Diaspora in Moscow merchants and laborers). Thus the entrepreneurs who are in the area of your business, well aware that the Chinese have become a significant part of the population of 170 thousand of Lublin. Thus, in Barber shops near the shopping center “Moscow” handing out business cards in three languages – Russian, Chinese and Tajik. Such notes and in the restaurants located on a huge market – there are local menu without characters no longer cost.

Podsuetilis and local drivers of minibuses. For example, some time ago on the bus number 872 wrote the names of the stops, except Russian and Chinese. Allegedly, this was done due to the fact that the majority of passengers are Chinese. Which, moreover, is very poorly understood in Russian. The driver stated that he was tired on his fingers to explain to the citizens of the middle Kingdom how to get to a particular place and how much it will cost. Here and put a sign in Chinese. However, because of complaints of local residents transport company which employs the driver, still persistently asked him to sign with the characters to removeМосква китайская: Поднебесная стремительно захватывает русскую столицу  .


“Chinese bus” in Lublin But work is work, and entertain industrious Chinese, too, somewhere need. That’s why several years ago the Lublin cinema “Formula Kino” organized a showing of films of the current repertoire, with simultaneous translation into Chinese. Eyewitnesses reported that the Chinese given all the evening sessions in one of the 8 halls of cinema. “The introduction of sessions in the Chinese language due to the rise in demand. The first results will be drawn up next week, then decide to leave it as is or increase the number of sessions,” said the managing company of the network “Formula Kino”. And although sessions in regional cinema is not carried out (due to its closure for renovation), but the precedent of serving only for Chinese citizens already have.

Similar is happening in the market area “Gardener”, located on the outskirts of Lublin – in the intersection of MKAD and streets the Top fields. There are organized shops “only for friends”. In this case, when the outlets has a hostel where is not determinable by the authorized bodies of the Federal migration service the number of Chinese citizens.

Москва китайская: Поднебесная стремительно захватывает русскую столицу

However, local people are actively resisting the creeping “sinification” of his district. So, lublincu believe their victory the destruction of the huge signs on Belorechenskaya street, where the facade of one of the houses hung the banner with advertising of medical services a private clinic for Russian and Chinese languages. The locals more than a month tried to reach the district administration and the Moscow mayor’s office, demanding to remove the sign. And if the original officials to intervene in this case would not, citing a reluctance to interfere in private business, then still went to meet him in disgust the citizens. The same can be said about the aforementioned bus, remove characters from lublincu also actively demanded. “We have teamed up with neighbors from Zhulebino, Kotelnikov, Teply Stan, where are going to build Chinese markets. The inhabitants of these districts are watching “Octavarium” Lublin and don’t want them to have done the same. Letters to the authorities helmet packs. We are told that the area is beautiful. Increasingly, on the Internet on our forum calls for drastic measures – for example, road closures. Some even speak of armed rebellion,” said one of the activists Alevtina Darin. In General, it is not so bad as it might seem at first glance: the locals samoorganizowaniu and actively protesting against the expansion of alien culture, the carriers of which are unlikely to be able to assimilate. But to form a foreign enclave easily, especially because the Chinese have this great experience. The experts note that the Chinese problem of the authorities in Moscow that the city that the Federal really do not want. “Fears of inhabitants of LJUBLINO that their area will be transformed into Chinatown, can be reasonable, but might not be right. Now we must not talk about the enclaves, and that in our country, in particular in Moscow, the Chinese challenge to engage seriously no one wants. In 1998-1999, while studying the community of Chinese in the far East and in Moscow, we clearly said that there is a huge flow of smuggling. But then we waved and declared enemies of China. Now no one denies the existence of counterfeit goods. Despite the closure of Cherkizovsky market, it flourishes to this day. I’m looking at a Chinese newspaper published in Moscow, and can say with certainty: grey schemes dominate to this day,” says doctor of historical Sciences, Professor of Institute of Asian and African studies, kitaist Vilya gel’bras.

It seems that now, when Russia is so rashly rushed into the arms of “Chinese friendship”, the practice of ignoring the Chinese question in Russia gets a new scale. Indeed, why quarrel with such an important partner, certainly I think the officials of different levels. Only ordinary people on this account a slightly different opinion. And ignoring its opinions and interests to the powers that be never anything good ended. Especially in the capital, the sentiment of which is an important catalyst for the emerging “senseless and merciless Russian riot”. In the meantime, we get Chinese ferro-concrete monster directly across our Russian shrines in the center of the capital, and on the edge of a huge area is rapidly turning into Chinatown. Chinese red dragon stronger puts his paws on the Golden domes of Moscow.

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