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Called the best berry for lowering cholesterol

Названа лучшая ягода для снижения уровня холестеринаFigs has a huge number of unique properties.

Few know that figs contain large amounts of potassium, necessary for normal functioning of the cardiovascular system, iron, amino acids, vitamins and vegetable enzymes.

It is known that the potassium content of the lead nuts, so, second place goes to figs. It contains invaluable for proper digestion of fiber and therefore, Fig has beneficial effects on the gastrointestinal tract.

Also figs is a great way to cope with constipation, without resorting to the use of medicines and dietary fibers lower cholesterol in the blood. This very useful fruit for people with mental health problems. British scientists have proved – Fig has beneficial effects on the nervous system.

In addition, the Fig possesses antipyretic properties, is a good expectorant and cooked with milk, will help to cope with prolonged cold. It has antiseptic properties and is cooked in the same milk, helps to heal wounds when applied topically.

And, of course, the figs perfectly satisfies hunger.

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