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As the supernova explosions of stars affect human health

Как взрывы сверхновых звезд влияют на здоровье человекаSupernova explosions cause cancer.

An international team of astrophysicists has discovered the effects of the explosion of two supernovae in the Solar system on the human body.

It could affect the increase in the incidence of cancer, said the scientists.

Recent astrophysical research has helped scientists confirm the hypothesis that the explosions of the two major stars at a distance of 100 parsecs from Earth, which occurred about 2 million years ago. As a result, our planet has been subjected to radioactive radiation, and exposure to the substance in the form of isotope iron-60 , which traces remained at the bottom of oceans and in lunar rocks. Ancient cosmic catastrophe may have contributed to the increase in radiation background of the Earth three times, which led to the increase in the number of patients with cancer people. But this influence, experts say, is not strong enough, because at the moment there are populated places, where background radiation exceeds the global average by 20 times. According to experts, their concerns would have caused the figure to 1000 times.

Along with this, scholars recognize the existence of “cancer” danger to the inhabitants of the planet due to the action of background radiation currently, since the annual dose of such radiation to the human body the degree of impact equal to one-procedure computed tomography, which increases the probability of occurrence of leukemia or brain tumors.

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