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Ancient insects did the skeletons of enemies

Древние насекомые делали скелеты враговThe scientists published startling facts about ancient insects.

Scientists from the Institute of Geology and paleontology in the Chinese city of Nanjing found that the ancient insects build their exoskeletons using camouflage debris and pieces of the bodies of their enemies.

As reported by Live Science, today among insects use camouflage, in particular, lacewing (Chrysopidae) or bugs-hymnary (Reduviidae). Meanwhile, the tradition of disguise insects comes from ancient times. The pieces of amber from Spain, Lebanon, France and Burma, the scientists of the Institute of Geology and paleontology Nanjing found got there insects epoch of the Cretaceous period, and fossilized about 110 million years ago.

After examining all 300 thousand pieces of amber, scientists have discovered 39 fossilized insects. Some insects were adorned with exoskeletons made from pieces of debris and corpses of enemies.

For example, Burmese lacewing wore a “suit” of herbal flea – listobloshek. Presumably, the insect has eaten a flea, and then used her remains to disguise in the future of hunting. In addition, scientists have discovered several chinetov approximately 18 mm in length whose back was decorated with bits of soil and vegetation.

The scientists rejected the possibility that the debris could just be frozen in amber along with the insect since it was localized only on the larvae, around them garbage was not. “Usually the tradition to create camouflage in insects is closely connected with the flowering plants. However, what we found shows that camouflage insects – at least in the three groups existed before the emergence of flowering plants”, – said paleobiology Bo Wang.

Древние насекомые делали скелеты врагов

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