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Probably the most painful fears are those that relate to the most important life processes. For example, there is a fear of food or a phobia of water procedures in any manifestation. As you know, the person needs to meet all the needs, with which he was endowed by nature. And if one of those needs is blocked by fear, then to what good it can not lead.

Agraphobia – the fear of sexual harassment, which can manifest itself in very aggressive forms of self-defense even in cases where the harassment and it was not. Unlike other phobias, this type of fear is easy enough to recognize and diagnose.

The patient speaks to the doctor – psychotherapist or sex therapist – to help with the situation. The fact is that fear really prevents normal communication – it causes the consciousness to paint a picture of sexual violence, where the role of the rapist can make everyone, regardless of age and level of intelligence. Suffering from agraphobia sees a potential rapist everywhere!

Of course, this type of phobia is primarily inherent in the female population. With his appearance, he usually required the real situation, in which there was an act of sexual violence. Variants reactions to such events as much as women in the world: someone will quickly be able to cope with the situation, someone will be long to endure and look for the offenders, someone for many months will lose the ability to experience the pleasure of sexual intercourse, and someone might get form a fully developed phobia – agoraphobia.

The more traumatic the situation, the harder will be the rehabilitation of the patient. Very often this type of phobia suffer girl, a survivor of violent sexual intercourse in childhood. In this case, they found not only fear of sexual harassment, but also a number of personal characteristics, not allowing users to build their own personal life.
Agraphobia also manifested in different ways.

Sometimes the patient sees danger everywhere, in some cases, panic covers agraphobia only when reminded of the traumatic experience. The difficulty is that it can recall the most minor details, which cannot be taken into account and to exclude – and the reaction can be very violent. During bouts of agrophobia observed all the changes that are characteristic of phobias in General: palpitations, dry mouth, dizziness.

About sexual intercourse say no is the patient physically cannot stand the proximity of the opposite sex.

As noted above, the treatment is psychotherapist and sex therapist. The first removes a psychological barrier, prescribes drugs, which are designed to relieve stress in the most traumatic situations. Also there are conversations about past psychological trauma. Identifying the causes of fear in this case not so much – usually the reason is quite clear and not repressed in the subconscious mind.

Much more important to understand what to do now with the memories of pain and humiliation endured previously. Therefore, the timing of rehabilitation in this case, it is difficult to determine – perhaps the work with the psychologist will last for several months. Simultaneously, the sex therapist can help with feelings of femininity, will tell not only about the nature of positive feelings of intimacy, but also reveal the potential of this particular woman. It is also impossible to give a forecast on the impact of this work – all too individually.

Sexual disorder is one of the most painful. They deprive men of joy and pleasure, which inevitably leads to further destruction of the psyche. You should not rely on a universal healer – you need to force the issue and seek to compensate for a traumatic experience as quickly as possible.

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