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The psychologist told how to save a relationship where there is intimate life

Психолог рассказала, как спасти отношения, в которых нет интимной жизниThe psychologist gave advice on how to save a marriage that has no intimacy.

Editor of the Huffington Post Brittany Wong gathered the advice of therapists, worked for real couples on how to save a marriage that has no sex.

Do not think that your partner doesn’t want sex

Do not jump to conclusions about sexual attraction to your partner, without talking directly with him/her, the author writes. “Couples who have been together a long time, you need to plan the days of sex again to feel the positive anticipation of sex with each other,” explains sexologist Gracie Landers from new York.

You need to admit your wrongs

If the person is quite often heard the words “no, not tonight, dear/dear, he will always harbour resentment and shame. Most often this resentment is transferred to other areas of relationship and living together. In such a situation, sexologist Moushumi GOS of Los Angeles advises the partner, refusing sex, to admit that now the ball is on his field. Came his/her turn to initiate sex.

Plan sex

You plan how to get to the performance of the child. Plan doctor visits and acupuncture sessions. If the marriage is gone sex, sex therapist Michael Aaron of new York also advises to plan and sex. Moreover, planning is necessary not only time, but also all related details.

Talk about your fantasies

Too often, says GAUS, long-term relationship partners keep their new sexual fantasies and interests. This is usually a deeper issue than what man wants in bed. Employees should be disclosed. For example, to admit that he wants to dominate or, on the contrary, play the role of a submissive.

Learn to work with any of sexual disorders

Various sexual dysfunction (e.g. erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation or lack of vaginal lubrication causes people to worry about sex, explains Laurel Steinberg, a psychotherapist from new York. Need to change your mind and come to terms with the fact that the body does not always work out the way you would like.

Less head more body

“If you spend all day immersed in the work, to find a link with your body, and use the sexual energy will be difficult,” continues the columnist. To cope with this problem, a sex therapist from San Diego Christine Zeising encourages couples to listen to your body and be very attentive to those subtle sexual signals that sends a partner.

Stop worrying about orgasms

Couples going through about his sex life, Goes like to remind you that sex does not have to end with orgasm.

“If the orgasm was wonderful. This is sort of the icing on the cake, the author quotes a sex therapist. But sex can also be a kissing in the Nude, some time spent together in the tub, and even massage. The promotion of other types of proximity, less intimidating and crushing the person can return a few to great sex,” concludes Gous.

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