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About these negative effects weight loss doctors are silent

Об этих негативных последствиях похудения молчат врачиBefore you go on a diet, it is necessary to study the possible side effects of weight loss.

Indeed, some aspects of your life will be after weight loss much better, but you can expect also some not very pleasant surprises, writes the Chronicle.Info with reference to ZdravoE.

1. Weight loss does not mean happiness. Yes, setting a goal and achieving it makes people feel incredibly strong. But don’t expect that slim body will help you fix any problems with your spouse, things at work or in your personal life. A study conducted by experts from University College London with the participation of about 2000 people with excess weight for over 4 years, showed that people who successfully lost weight almost twice as likely to was in depression, compared with more volunteers.

2. Your romantic relationship can change – both for the better and for the worse. A study conducted by the American experts found that when the partner is unable to support the other in his diet (for example, does not agree to changes in the menu), relationships deteriorate. Other studies also show that the quality of marriage may be reduced after one of the spouses decided to bariatrics operation.

3. To lose weight can even… your children. Let’s face it: children learn by the example of their parents. The researchers found that when parents lose weight, their kids are doing exactly the same thing. At the same time, according to a recent survey, the younger generation is losing almost 25% more body mass than people in older age.

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