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A student from Canada has discovered four new exoplanets

Студентка из Канады открыла четыре новых экзопланетыInsights girls will verify the independent panel of experts, and then determine the official status of found bodies in space.

Michelle Kanemoto, Japanese student from the University of British Columbia, with a bachelor’s degree in physics and astronomy, opened at once four planets outside the Solar system.

While the discovery of exoplanets has not been confirmed by independent laboratories, however, Kanemoto in their work used data from NASA space telescope Kepler.

Japanese student, studying astronomy, discovered four exoplanets, which theoretically life could exist. Two potentially habitable object have dimensions a little more Earth, the third celestial body has the approximate dimensions of mercury, and the fourth exoplanet comparable in their parameters with Neptune.

Fourth, the largest planet, is of particular interest to astronomers because it was this heavenly body can have life. The object, catalogued under the classification of KOI 408.05, slightly more than Neptune, therefore, most likely, extrasolar planet has no solid surface or liquid water. However, the increased interest of the moon the giant planets, which are conditions for the emergence of life, according to the report, Tanimoto, published in the journal Astronomical Journal.

KOI 408.05 removed for a distance of 3200 light years from Earth, being at a distance from its sun, when the planet’s surface is likely the presence of life forms. The exoplanet makes a complete revolution in its orbit for 637 days.

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