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“Yandex” has launched a new service

«Яндекс» запустил новый сервисThe company “Yandex” has presented an updated version of its browser.

One of the innovations is a personal recommendations “Zen”, created with the use of artificial intelligence technologies.

Tape “Zen” is based on the knowledge of the browser profile and offers articles, videos, pictures, posts from blogs and other materials that are matched to his interests, according to the company blog. However this technology is not limited only to your favorite sites and topics. “Zen” will prompt the user for unknown sources and materials that he will be able to discover something new.

The news feed uses a global search index of Yandex and artificial intelligence technologies, in particular, computer vision and natural language processing. With their help, the technology determines what the text or image, and sorts the materials according to themes.

The new service works on three platforms: on desktop versions of Windows, iOS and Android. It is available in 24 countries. To download the latest version at this link.

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