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Women, feel free to take men’s money!

Sometimes a woman feels uncomfortable in front of a man because of monetary issues. Do I need to take the man’s money? Some are afraid to appear greedy and ashamed to even mention about money, others worry about whether her partner and all by hook or by crook try to take more from him.

Женщины, не стесняйтесь брать у мужчин деньги!

A sense of proportion and tact in this matter is formed out of love for man and the correct self-assessment of yourself, your feminine wisdom and self-sufficiency.

Don’t want to talk about money as about money. Let’s try to deal with this problem. Your attitude toward money, with the desire and ability to take them from men deep is your attitude and your ability to adopt at all. It’s your attitude towards yourself, people and life.

If you’re confident in yourself, the question “do I Need to take the man’s money?” will not even arise in your head. But if not, you will always be doubt in this matter, to worry, not too much you ask or not too little.

You will have the money to put in the first place or will give their last for the kindergarten child, not daring to speak a man to his financial problems.

Smart, loving woman always knows when and how to tell about their desires. And loving man will be enough to hear once the request or desire of his partner.

If a woman does not feel love and emotional warmth from her husband, he gives her what she really needs, she can punish him the money and get a little internal satisfaction, which sometimes is expressed in concrete figures or things.

In this case, for women money — this is a mild sedation and a small proof men’s love for her.

For someone in Finance is a male attribute, like clockwork. The ability to earn requires the male mind and the presence of male qualities. The woman involuntarily starts to respect secured the man, feeling his strength, or, conversely, begins to be afraid of him.

Someone intuitively understands that to attract a man can, if he invests in the relationship. For some men it is very expensive. A woman will ask about time spent with her. Other are not very generous, and then for women will be an important material waste. And as a matter of fact, if a man begins to sacrifice something in a relationship, then he is bound to the woman and starts to appreciate her and cherish her.

If a woman knows that the man is spending money reluctantly, and she begins to take care of it from experience, it is a bit misguided. Any emotional involvement of men in relationship, creates a strong bond with you. Do not be afraid to strain the man their requests.

This fear is likely to occur when you experience stress when asking for money.

The ability for men to spend their money on a woman is his deep respect for bestowal.
The avaricious man is unlikely to be generous with the woman emotions.

Money is, first of all, the energy that man gives to the woman. This is not simply a piece of paper, and this is his masculine strength, his way to keep a woman next to him. Not in terms of shopping, but in terms of deep unconscious attitudes, reflecting the General ability to be in a relationship.

Do I need to take the man’s money? The answer to this question can give only you. Are you ready to take the male energy and give your female. Are you ready for a relationship with him? To the exchange? And interactions?

If any of you have a son, you will remember how he was preparing you gifts to birthday and other holidays. As saving up the money you gave him for lunch, just to buy you a bouquet of Mimosas on March 8. Remember how he always wanted to do something nice for you, to earn your approval and praise?

If the mother in early childhood does not discourage the boy hunting, to try for her, he will also try to please his wife and children.

Now imagine a boy is getting married, and the wife tells him that she does not need anything, money is not important, the main thing — love. What a woman does with a man? Is neutering! And at once.

In the first year you really want love and attention, and this man begins to love a woman, but, unfortunately, not having money. He gets used not to get money, relaxes, and then the wife begins to accuse him that he is not able to earn.

In this case, your humility and love for a spouse kills the man. And then you lose respect for them, and your feelings will not remain and a trace.

Do not go too far!

Some women think: “If she loves you, he should understand everything. Not ask nicely”.

Depending on how you ask! If you feel shame and awkwardness, then you are actually asking. But if you sincerely, with love to man talk about your desires – it’s more than fine.

If the man gives the woman money, it primarily suggests that he is not ready to be in these relationships. He has nothing to give you, and therefore, no exchange of energy occurs. Relationship is an exchange.

Man is your mirror. That is in your unconscious and hidden parts that can’t be in a relationship with a man. You have nothing to give him, even though you may think otherwise. I’m talking about selfless giving, about the ability to love another as yourself.

If a woman is afraid, shy to take money from men, her attitude to such requests reflects its deep respect to the men — fear, guilt, shame, awkwardness, embarrassment. Similarly, in the reverse situation. If a woman demands money, leaves no choice to the man and sees the man for money, then what really can I say about love.

Money is one of the channels of power connection between a man and a woman. If someone can’t give, and someone to take, that connection is broken. Think about your attitude to men in General. Does not reflect whether the problem is with money in your relationship other deeper complexity.

If in a couple there is love, the natural desire of men to provide for his family and wife. It’s so nice to feel like the master. And the woman gratefully and happily accepts his gifts and his desires supports his desire to act, thereby fanning the flame of his male power and energy.

Or another example, when a woman just requirements commensurate with the capabilities of the partner. What does it do? Right again alters. Only in a different way. She said: “no matter How hard you tried, and still does not make me happy.” Well, except men will have an incentive to do something?

A big gap in your men’s desires and opportunities makes it impossible for its growth. The man need not kill the desire. So, your requests should be a little higher than what it can today. So you will motivate him by creating for him the zone of proximal development.

Finances in relationships play an important role. If a woman does not need money from men, then this suggests that she does not want or is afraid to take a strong partner in your space – host. Doesn’t want to commit, doesn’t want to be his wife for real. To be a wife and to FEEL like a wife are two different things.

As soon as a woman refuses a male money, it refuses men.

What’s behind women’s modesty? The fear of losing the partner? The desire to prove their selfless love? The desire to retain their freedom and independence?

Why be ashamed or uncomfortable to take money from a person truly love? Taking money from him, you lift your eyes to the man and discover the road to his respect, and the wife gently pushed to his achievements and aspirations. He always needs to think about where and how to make money.

These thoughts include his masculine energy. He must have a desire to please his beloved, provided that the woman does not kill this desire.

What prevents you from taking money from men? How to learn to take?

  • Close your eyes, take 3 deep breaths and exhale. Imagine a man from whom you would like to receive the money. If there is no such yet in your life then imagine any male figure. Let’s consider it. What it looks like? What’s his face?
  • Now imagine that it comes from the flow of money. Please note what you feel? What is a flow? It getting to you? Analyze your feelings and what you saw.
  • In this way you can simulate the flow, removing obstacles, working with your senses.
  • Express to him my sincere gratitude, love, admiration.Tell him what he would like to hear from you. Try sincerely to ACCEPT.
  • Now ask him for money. Watch your feelings, for a man’s reaction. Analyze does not reflect whether men’s attitude to your request is your attitude to such requests? Model the situation and all the time watch to ensure that you as the transformation of images became comfortable.
  • Remember! A man wants to be needed, loved and most importantly – to be the best for you! Rejecting his money, you miss the opportunity to be with him, to love and respect him.

    Money represent external manifestation of internal processes.

    With love, Irina Gavrilova Dempsey

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