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Why do tourists sometimes disappear without a trace

Почему туристы иногда исчезают бесследно

In today’s world, the danger may lie in wait everywhere, even on vacation. No matter how popular and expensive a resort, no matter how lovely the staff and no matter how many warning signs there was no — it does not always save us from trouble. .<url> compiled a list of popular tourist places where there were accidents.


Yard seals — constant inhabitants of megacities — pleasing and touches not spoiled by the diversity of citizens at home and on vacation. In Florida, the nearest neighbors of man, alligators. They live there in every puddle and even walking around the city, obeying traffic rules than blunting the vigilance of the people.

Почему туристы иногда исчезают бесследно

The Florida alligator is the closest neighbor of a man

Photo: Joe Raedle / Getty Images

So nothing unusual in the lake on site at Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort & Spa in Orlando has not been seen. Although over the past six years the state had recorded a few dozen attacks by alligators on people, and in 2015, two of them led to death. And now the alligator is dragged into the lake two boys. Immediately shut down all the beaches, destroyed four animals, not involved in the attack, but the child is not saved.


Почему туристы иногда исчезают бесследно

In Bali every year end up in the ocean dozens of people

Photo: Firdia Lisnawati / AP Photo

Azure sea, white sand, luxurious hotels — if you are talking about heaven on earth, it is here. However, even the high quality service you will not be protected from an accident if the person is gone to Nirvana and relies only on God’s help. The tidal streams in this Paradise is very real and very dangerous. Every year they take a few dozen lives.

In the past two weeks, tourists are constantly warned about the unusually strong waves that hit the island. Nevertheless, Padang galak beach, Sanur already washed into the sea, two tourists from China and West Java. The same fate befell the 24-year-old Australian from Perth, who came to Bali to spend your honeymoon here. 3 Jun washed out to sea along with eight-year-old sister.


Почему туристы иногда исчезают бесследно

Watching the beauty of Australia, it’s hard to believe that nearby lurks a deadly danger

Photo: Ian Waldie / Getty Images

Thousands of vast, empty Australian beaches promise unforgettable vacations for the lovers of sun and sea, diving and surfing. However, the hospitality of the coast is deceptive — there were the greatest on the planet, the number of deaths resulting from the attack of sharks. In New South Wales, the most populous state, where is Sydney, white shark swam to the shore. This is due to the proximity of the continental shelf and deep waters. Here sharks attacked people more than 170 times, and over fifty people were killed.

In Western Australia in recent years has been more than 40 shark attacks and more than 10 deaths. Only for the last two weeks it killed two tourists. 3 Jun shark attacked a 29-year-old surfer near the town of Falcon. From the received wounds he died. A few days later in the water near the city of lakeside Joondalup with serious injuries was found 60-year-old female diver, who, despite help, is also survived.


Почему туристы иногда исчезают бесследно

There are two known cases when tourists decided to swim in the geysers of Yellowstone

Photo: Kevork Djansezian / AP Photo

Sinister beauty attracts laserowych pools in Yellowstone Park tourists from around the world. In only one pool, the Norris last year was visited by more than 4 million people. It would seem that no wild animals or uncontrollable elements. However, a single slip movement of the tourist is to find in boiling acid can be except a few personal belongings. 1890 in Yellowstone and around it killed at least 22 people, and this is only the official statistics.

So, in early June, the 23-year-old American slipped and fell with wooden flooring, built for tourist trips, in hot springs. His remains could not be found. A few days before in another source failed 13-year-old boy also died. There are two known cases when travelers are seduced by the hot tub and decided to swim. The swim ended tragically.


Почему туристы иногда исчезают бесследно

Conquerors of Everest in 2015 died before he could start climbing

Photo: Beaconstox / Alamy / Diomedia

Nepal, on whose territory there are the highest mountains in the world, attracts adventurers, climbers. In the largest temple in honor of Lord Shiva and the temple Lumbini, which is considered the birth place of Gautama Buddha, receives many pilgrims. The picturesque mountain scenery, pristine lakes, rich flora and fauna beckons nature lovers and ecotourism.

The region is seismically active, and the movement of the earth were not uncommon. But the earthquake that occurred in April of 2015, became the most disastrous in the last 80 years. It claimed the lives of more than 8 thousand people, affected more than 14 thousand. In the capital of Nepal Kathmandu has been destroyed numerous buildings on mount Everest came down avalanches that buried beneath about two dozen ready to climbers.

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