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Whether you want to hide resources from your hunter?

The crisis state policy in the field of hunting and use of game animals is obvious. Essentially, this is the so-called historical crisis of nihilism that denies the preceding phases of social development. In our case — hunting. But the question is, whether it is state? Even a cursory glance at this “policy” leads to the assumption that it is not public.

Petty interests, ambitions, methodological mahnovŝina, as a consequence of the nihilism — this is not government policy.

The leadership of the state seems to have been deceived, taking advantage of his weaknesses: a concern for wildlife and our younger brothers. What for many years had offered MNR, inefficient and unattractive to mass multi-million hunting community. Therefore, not Patriotic, by definition, the President.

Of course, to clean up the garbage in the Arctic is great, but so “Samusocial” hunting, simply out of ignorance or carelessness. Maybe it’s a certain strategy? Or, when Kottapatnam many years headed the “hunters”, who publicly encouraged “to learn”, is the strategy? When in the public Council at the Department there is no person who would be able, as rightly noted by Professor Kuzyakin, to write from memory the formula for calculating the PCA and to explain the essence of the formula is the strategy? Only whose?

Or a recent post about the Grand plan of “chipping” of all moose of the Moscow region was hit by a car. And in the suburbs are migratory moose from the Tver region and Vice versa. And from other adjacent areas. And each needs to be caught? I had to participate in the catching and satellite tagging a moose. The event is not cheap and requires real professionalism. And interregional coordination. Maybe this is another “corrupt scheme”? Mark, of course, necessary, but satellite collars, not “chips”. Mark is not all, and according to the standards. And need special Federal, interregional programme. And she is? And standards developed? Again the voluntarism and Makhnovism?

Now obviously, and spoken of by many of our scholars: between well-being of the country, its citizens and sovereignty there is a direct correlation. Speaking of resources of hunting animals, there are doubts in this suverenitete. Extraction of the hunting animals we are enmeshed by a network of large and small “conditions” assumed “obligations”, like “humane” traps, not sound science, “reason”, and blatantly fabricated, as some passages from the rules of obtaining or ridiculous, a mile bestowing some feudal troekurovskoe. And at the forefront of these “grounds” law, “which is easier to write again than to correct”. The law, “the ultimate beneficiary” is, apparently, “a thin layer” the VIP hunters.

All this limits the use of these considerable resources within the country. Once again well-known figures: 0.3 million woodcocks mined in Russia, and over 3.0 million to Western and southern Europe. The majority of the produced in Russia accounted for woodcock spring hunting. By the way, spring in the Soviet period were mined is usually 0.5-0.6 million of these birds. The peak migration of waterfowl rarely coincides with the mass migrations of the woodcock, which pull in an Average strip of Russia continues until mid-July. It is possible without any detriment to hunt woodcock in April and in may. Why to coincide with the craving for hunting with a decoy? MNR but the opinion of scientists, it seems, are not interested in.

Hunting defamed and is in the deepest crisis, and the hunting community is not consolidated. The last few years we see that Russia is straining every nerve, trying to overcome the negative trend of many years of indoctrination associated with “magical” implications of the activities of the “invisible” hand of the market. This is evident, for example, in the MIC. Traditions unite the society, and in difficult times strengthen him. Make persistent. Hunt, correct hunt, is one of the pillars for these national traditions. And seemingly restoring order in the industry as the primary task of the Minister. But it seems that the MNR and Mr. don is happy with the state of things in the hunting economy. Russian citizens will invest, directly or indirectly, in the hunt, its products, and products of farming, hunting weapons, ammunition and equipment and huge funds. This is tens of billions of rubles. And these investments could be increased significantly and the financial flows associated with the furs, redeployed to better advantage for Russia. But porukovodit industry should not remind the participants “views”.

Our Minister likes to talk about tight oil, to commemorate the pioneers of Antarctica, but in the case of hunting we have almost ten years of observed difficulties in extracting lying on the surface of common sense. He does not notice it. But to publicly speculate about the problems of hunting management Department?

Then silence. The Minister “ashamed” of the problems of hunting? Just that, it “hides” for “tigers” and “leopards”. Maybe I exaggerate? But it looks that way. And the lion’s share of the hunting publications in the press in recent years about it. And the report of Mr. Chuychenko resolution Vladimir Putin “Agree”, and which the Minister seems to have not noticed about this. That’s about it really! Now the Minister is fighting for the “Lomonosov ridge”. Well, that’s good. But when this synchronous loss of control and, in fact, “surrender” of sovereignty over their own resources migratory game animals, it’s already through the looking glass. The translation is our own resources of game animals in the category of “stranded” for a fellow hunter is the strategy of the Ministry?
More surprising. If common sense in hunting in the performance of the MNR “tradedisplaced”, the norm, are far from addressing the issues of hunting, just gushes. Visit the websites of the MNR. “Models” of this “activity” similar to alabaster phones of Old Hottabych from the same children’s movie, do not resolve the main tasks of the state management of hunting economy.

And the main objectives are, first, the dramatic expansion of access of hunters to his own resources, and secondly, a radical change in the quality of scientific and methodological support of monitoring of these resources and, third, a sane education novice hunters and their integration into a consolidated, correct and educated hunting community.

As to the first. The timing of the spring hunting can and should be radically increased and differentiated together with the volume of production. This primarily concerns the major resource for waterfowl and woodcock. In hunting science has long known the so-called regional schemes of hunting. Long known for mean annual and maximum values of production as in Russia in General and in the regions. And even at the species level, and some mass hunting species and population. It is known that the volume of production, in comparison with Soviet times, has declined considerably and any controlled expansion hunting, including spring, will not result in a substantial increase. And this is the result, primarily, of the socio-economic factor. You know, in General, and as such “extended” to regulate hunting. Unknown is only Kottapatnam. With hunting bird watching there is not just bad — no way.
The second task in the hunter science is also okay. For whom, when and how “to monitor”, you know. From muskrats to musk ox and from woodcock to white-fronted goose. Even developed the standards, whom to catch and tag: anyone radioshackcom, and who just color and in which region. There are even standards for DNA testing. But for the present Kordamentha this task at all “unrecoverable”.
And third. The education of hunters under the Soviet regime was solved. Effectively, Patriotic and attractive. In this way, which recently told us the President at a meeting of the Russian popular front (onf) in Stavropol. Young hunters, candidate experience, two guarantors, training and exam for kuminiano. Here, the traditions and the relationship between generations.

Finally, all that is discussed above, must be included in the law on hunting and hunting farm. And the project of this law do not have to cook — everything is already prepared. And in Soviet Russia was hunting the elite, were for her and Glohe. But the General doctrine of development of the hunting economy, based on mass and a competent hunter, Ìglavohotaî — line Ministry, the most advanced science and the hunters and anglers — “the Ministry of hunters”, was attractive, and effective, and Patriotic. It worked.

If you again look closely at the materials and conclusions of Mr. Chuychenko, the resolution of the President “Agree”, the obvious answer is: don Minister, it seems, are not interested in the opinion of the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin. And together with the opinion of the President at the same time hunting and opinion of science, and almost the entire hunting community.

Resource “loaf” Russia has always been a great. But gaping at him, mouths has always been enough. Now our “partners” we openly say that the wounded, as happened with the collapse of the “Soviet Empire”, more do not intend to leave. And sanctions, it seems, forever. It is obvious that the country is on the threshold of transition to a mobilization project. It is inevitable. To eliminate game animals from the resource part of this project would be very ill-advised as ignoring the Russian mass hunter and his interests. Only he will not completely put our bear on “grinpisovtsev” chain of external control of our resources hunting animals. In the spring and do not need to hide their snipe and a Drake on its own as a hunter.

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