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Whether Ankara to respect human rights?

Будет ли Анкара соблюдать права человека?

Now in many media articles in which clearly says that Ankara does not respect the rights and freedoms of the individual. And this rumor is a logical confirmation.

First, for some time the Turkish Government began very carefully refers to the flow of information broadcasting in Newspapers and magazines, and on TV channels. Some Turkish journalists were arrested at all for not exhibiting in a favorable light of his Majesty, of Erdogan.

Secondly, after the agreement between Turkey and EU regarding refugees, the Turkish authorities began to fire on the Syrian refugees. However most of all-they still get deported back to the conflict zone in Syria.

Third, any mass demonstrations on the streets of Ankara and not only come to very unfortunate consequences.

And it’s not the whole list of “achievements” of the Turkish government, which clearly is the current President and his political ideology.

You can also remember the ties between Turkey and the terrorists of the “Islamic state”. Received information that Erdogan still has a relationship with the fighters and makes it easy for them to acquire weapons and equipment.

The discontent about the situation in Turkey was expressed by NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg. According to him, Erdogan is obliged to respect human rights and to respect personal freedom and commitment to democracy. “NATO is based on several key values: respect for human rights, individual liberty and democracy. I expect that all NATO allies will uphold these values”,- said Stoltenberg, answering the question, does not complicate the criticism against Ankara’s Alliance’s mission as “a bridge between the EU and Turkey” in the decision of the migration crisis and the fight against terrorism.

Well, let’s see, will anything come from this application and listen in the first stage to his partner in the military Alliance. But honestly, something tells me that these words were spoken in vain. Turkish colleagues will continue to undermine the rights of their citizens, to help the terrorists, to get rid of the refugees and to arrest those who disagree with their policy of the Turks.

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