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Wedding ring leads to sexual disorders in men

Обручальное кольцо приводит к половым расстройствам у мужчин

Publisher medikforum.ru reports that if long time to wear wedding rings made of gold, there is a risk to earn a sexual disorder.

Doctors believe that prolonged wearing of this precious metal has a depressing property in the sexual sphere, and in a greater degree it affects men.

That gold is affected by such an unusual property, also informed the electronic journal MIGnews.com. They believe that at long wearing rings, especially if it grows into the skin and hard to remove in the human body penetrate mikrovisata.

In addition, as it turned out, the oxides of the substances have a greater influence on male sex glands, as the experiments have shown that even milligrams of this substance contributes to the malfunction of the gonads.

But for women these substances are not so influenced both men. Doctors have explained that their hormonal and reproductive system is better protected from external influences.

Scientists have previously said that wearing jewelry made of gold can not all, because this metal has a specific effect on the Central nervous system, also disrupts brain function.

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