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Valley on your toes

Долина на пальцах

What scientific and technological valley of the Moscow state University

March 18 discussion of the draft law “On technological valley” presented by the Ministry of economic development. After that, the law regulating posed by scientific and technological valley of the Moscow state University, will address the parliamentarians. “Ribbon.ru” reviewed the document and responds to the main issues.

What happened?

The Ministry of economic development Friday, March 4, published on the portal of projects of normative legal acts the draft Federal law “On technological valley”. Public discussion of the document regulating the creation, and then the work of scientific and technological valley of the Moscow state University, ends on 18 March. After that the document will be finalized and submitted for consideration to the State Duma.

What’s new?

The emergence of the management company. It is being established to implement the project of the Moscow state University of the valley, and its absolute owner is the state. This will allow you to transfer the territory of the valley the property management company. The boundaries of these lands will adopt the Russian government.

Why is it necessary?

For fast and effective implementation of the project of the valley. The management company will get the tool for the development of the area without unnecessary bureaucracy to oversee these processes will be the Supervisory Board of the management company, which reports directly to the Russian government.

In addition, the bill will provide tax and customs incentives to the institutions operating on the territory of the valley. In the articles of Association prescribe areas of research in the valley, thus avoiding the use of premises not to destination.

Долина на пальцах

Ends with a public discussion of the law of Moscow state University valley

Photo: Eugene Biatov / RIA Novosti

The bill permits to hire foreign experts without taking into account government-set quotas. This will facilitate the attraction of promising foreign experts.

Valley will not be the second SKOLKOVO?

Will not. In the explanatory note to the draft Federal law notes that “despite the large number of announced projects of innovative infrastructure, not all of them have sufficient potential for formation of efficient ecosystem”.

Долина на пальцах


Photo: Gleb Schelkunov / Kommersant

There is one important difference: SKOLKOVO was created from scratch, and the valley is planned to build on existing scientific and educational base. The explanatory note also mentions that: “In the South-West of Moscow is historically the world-unique concentration of research personnel, formed the Moscow state University. M. V. Lomonosov and research institutes of the Russian Academy of Sciences”.

The project will contribute to the “attraction of talented youth” among the graduates and staff of MSU.

Why does the text of the bill does not mention MSU?

Because Federal law is a model. It is expected that after the adoption he will regulate the establishment and operation of not only scientific and technological valley of the Moscow state University, but also other similar projects.

The text of the bill has already been sent to major Russian universities, which in the short term intend to create their technological valley: the St. Petersburg state University, Novosibirsk state University, as well as in the far Eastern and Krasnoyarsk universities.

Долина на пальцах

MSU is guided by the world scientific centers

Photo: Sergey Bobylev / TASS

In this case, the Moscow state University together with the Ministry of economic development acts as a collaborator in the development of the law. In development also involved the Russian Academy of Sciences, the SKOLKOVO Fund, the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of education and science.

Where did the concept of scientific-technological valley?

The project scientific and technological valley of the Moscow state University is being developed since 2013. It was then the rector of Moscow state University Viktor Sadovnichy suggested this idea to the President of Russia Vladimir Putin.

Valley is designed to solve several problems at once. First, to bridge the gap between science and business: often the results of scientific research and remain unclaimed, because the representatives of big business not know about them and conduct their own research. Valley will allow you to fix it. Second, solved the problem of employment and decent wages for young scientists.

Who are guided?

Global research centers. In the explanatory note to the bill States that the purpose of forming an innovation ecosystem, providing close cooperation in a limited area of science and business.

In an interview with “the Ribbon.ru” MSU rector Viktor Sadovnichy said that “the University is a triangle”. According to him, “one corner — fundamental science and education, the second corner — life science, medical cluster at the University, and the third angle technology valley”.

In world practice has developed the concept of three-level model of the University: the development of basic education, fundamental science, as well as creating new technologies, products and their commercialization. As a result the modern University is not only the center of education and research, but also a center for business innovation, a driver of economic development-tech sectors of the economy of countries and regions.

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