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Used cars in Russia are much cheaper

Поддержанные автомобили в России стали намного дешевле

In January of this year on a secondary car market of Russia there was a decline in car prices. About 5.5 million units hit the advertised car.

It is worth noting that the price reduction has mostly affected the budget versions and averaged from 1.5 to 8%. For example, the car brand Daewoo became cheaper by almost 8 percent, and Hyundai models with mileage dropped by 5 percent. Experts attribute high demand for used cars to their lower cost, no need to pay insurance and other needs. The advantage of such a purchase is a quick and hassle-free factor of buying a car. However, many motorists still prefer the new models, even at a very high price.

But the secondary market for premium cars, by contrast, has undergone appreciation. For example, prices on used models of the German brand Mercedes-Benz rose almost 11 %, Audi cars have risen by 7.7 % and the price of models with mileage Bavarian concern BMW increased by 7.5%. As for domestic supported by Lada, they have increased in price by 1%.

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