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Turkey “surrender, brother?

In fact, Russia has turned to North Korea, adopting methods and key technologies a North Korean propaganda, the main “chip” which are reports on a regular, twice a year, the “victories” of the country of Juche in “wars” against American imperialism, as well as, happy and full life of ordinary North Koreans in the “best camp” of mankind, the great slave Inom.

The Putin regime needs in the current “victories”, real or contrived, the main thing is to create and maintain a victorious mood in the mass consciousness of the “Putin majority.”

At all desire, held in the UK referendum on leaving the EU, to include in the list “wins” Putin’s Russia is difficult, even more so, as such, of a British exit from the EU will not.

But, it is easy to enter in the “Pantheon victory” of Vladimir Putin “letter to Erdogan”. For this opportunity clung to the ideology of the propagandists of the regime, contributing to this step of the Turkish President, perelitsovyvaya content “письма2 and distorting its meaning.

Russian President Vladimir Putin got a message of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan in which the Turkish leader expressed his interest in resolving the situation associated with the death of a Russian military plane, reports the press service of the Kremlin.

The message, in particular, noted that Russia is Turkey’s friend and strategic partner, with whom the Turkish government would not want to spoil relations. “We — emphasizes Recep Tayyip Erdogan — never had the desire and deliberate intention to bring down a plane belonging to the Russian Federation,” reads the message on the official website of the Kremlin” https://news.rambler.ru/politics/34026557/.

In the mouth of Russian propaganda “a letter to Erdogan” turned into a “letter of repentance” Turkey to Russia and personally Vladimir Putin. Following the logic of “the capitulation of Turkey, advocates quickly declared Turkey’s readiness to compensate for material losses for the downed Russian su-24.

Without wasting time, the Russian media quickly and triumphantly informed the Russians about the next triumph of the will and perseverance of Vladimir Putin in confrontation with Turkey!

Denial of apology to Erdogan to Putin and Russia, as well as compensation for the downed su-24, received from the Turkish side in the Russian media, as one would expect, has not made and will not be discussed. Why “ordinary people” the truth? Enough people to hang noodles on the ears”, but of great and victorious.

But the whole point of the “Turkish zigzag Kremlin policy lies in the fact that Israel and Turkey will normalize inter-state relations, which could lead to new gas flow from Israel, via Turkey, to Europe, and it is “fubar” to “Gazprom”.

So upsetting looms over the “capitulation” of Turkey.

Турция «капитулирует», брат?

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