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Trump was advised to defeat ISIS with the help of NATO

Трамп посоветовал победить ИГ при помощи НАТО

NATO forces could be brought to defeat the terrorist group “Islamic state”, said the candidate in US presidents from Republican Donald trump.

It stated its position on the case, if an elected head of state in the General election on November 8, reports TASS with reference to ABC.

“I’m not going to reveal the card in advance and specify that we (the US) will strike in a particular place. I would prefer to keep it a secret,” – said the billionaire.

“But we will inflict on them (is) a powerful blow, it’s true. It is quite possible that we should use the NATO”.

Trump believes that the involvement of the Alliance in these ways will help reduce the burden on the Armed forces of the United States.

“I don’t want the United States drawn into this deeply, I want to involve NATO. We spend a lot of money on NATO. Thus we care about the countries that, frankly, can take care of themselves in economic terms”, – said the politician.

Trump has repeatedly stated that NATO is too costly for Washington and is “a relic of the past” and the allies “cheat” US.

“We are still looking at a Soviet Union that no longer exists. NATO was established 60 years ago and since then has not changed,” – said the candidate in presidents of the United States.

Previously, trump has demanded from members of the Alliance to pay off debts. Billionaire even allowed for the dissolution of NATO, but said that to abolish NATO.

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