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To want scientists

The morning you read about how came to destroy the famous MIPT (Phystech) – competently and methodically clean the best teachers, gaining mass Abitur with bellhops education and so on. Woke up finally – it’s the destruction of our nuclear bases and other security shield…

I would like to ask – where were you before? When, as in physics and technology, destroyed the best universities in the zamkadya.

Can lead and your example. Having done doctoral dissertations on return to the society departed from it (deserializereply drug addicts, prisoners, extremists, terrorists and other individuals who actively they are now destroying not just our country), faced with the fact, that after its recognition by the scientific community simply began to Unscrew the hands that paid for his labour a lot of money, or abandoned their offspring. In this case undermine the concept, to compete with mine, was the American system, which is already in the world declined, but in Russia it was accepted on hurrah.

After filled up in Waco, I found myself poor and homeless with three kids and a family on the street, as invested in the science that at that time was owned…. Even the house had to be sold on release books and monographs.

What? Less than five years – American concept vanished like the Chimera, a Russian, developed by our school of Kazan University, never saw the light.

The doctoral system itself bent on destroying the health and the personality of a future scientist. And for those who are unable to destroy on stage protection – kill already at work, poverty wages, harassment, hunger – cold.

Sometimes I think – would have done something earlier as the area for scientists, where at least feed and sleep space there isНа зону для ученых хочу

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