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To redeem the world

Выкупить всем миром

As Siberians rescued from the collectors, a single mother with two children

In mid-February in the state Duma a draft law on the rules of conduct of collectors. In anticipation of the Council on professional debt collectors, whose methods are sometimes shocking, people are looking out for the borrowers who are in a difficult position. One example of such self-organization revealed in Kemerovo, where social network users in one night was saved from the tyranny of collectors a single mother.

Wardrobe, Cabinet and Desk for computer. All 34 of 384 of the ruble. And the interest on the loan is 8 899 rubles, for a total of just over 43 thousand. The furniture decorates the room of Natalia Malatino, unemployed mother of two daughters, thirteen-year-old Adeline and was born in the end of last year Alice. Former dormitory of Himstroj street Sports in Kemerovo — the structure in some way archetypal. Traces of blood on the second floor, dog feces on the fourth and used syringes on the fifth — last. At the end of the corridor at the window a group of retarded young people. On the floor three dozen rooms and one sink, the circumcised in anticipation of the repair, which will not start.

Two men hammering at the door

In Russia Natalia and her mother came from the Karaganda region of Kazakhstan in the early 90s. “Hurry, she said. — Would it be tolerated for a couple of months, we would have had the status of refugees. At first I followed in the rented apartment, then mum had a man here in this room”. For it now you have to pay 1850 rubles. Previously, it was 1600, but now Malatino two daughters, so for 250 rubles more.

Loan on furniture Natalia was paying 3800 a month and not even thought can draw such a payment: “It’s very little, if there is a job”. Maletina worked as a florist shop in the centre, a lot of buyers, salary 25 thousand with an average in Kemerovo 27 thousand. But the crisis has hit hard on small business, and the employer closed point. Natalia got a job in the Botanical garden, where he paid three times less, but when the pregnancy became obvious, fixed-term contract is not renewed. Maletina was left without a job and with outstanding credit. Collectors do not have to wait long, coming three months after the last payment.

Выкупить всем миром

Natalia Maletina in the background is purchased on credit furniture

Photo: Yuri Vasiliev

“Come two men, hammering at the door, — says Natalia. We just got back from the hospital, child a month and a half. I ask them why they are hammering on the door. They tell me that no hammering and banging. And they say that you know that I have a small child, and what school goes to the eldest daughter. That is obviously know that I have a baby, and hammering. Conscience at least would have shown. No, no way”.

In addition visits were calls similar content and prompts the collector’s office, says Natalya. Free lawyer advised me to ignore this many calls and waiting for a trial. From the reservoir, in addition to threats, the offer came to take the credit in other Bank, to pay a debt. “How to return?” — ask. “Don’t care”, they said.

After threatening to sell the debt of a single mother neighbors drug addicts need not go far, all gather on the fifth floor — Natalia called in one of the Kemerovo Newspapers.

Natalia and Natalia

“The editor called me, told me that there was a woman on the verge of suicide, the collectors of the population, — says the Kemerovo journalist Natalia Nalimova. The editor gave her my number, and ordered him to answer and which calls are not answered. Phoned, met. It turned out that the delay from June. Natasha wore in the Bank statement on debt restructuring — Bank statement not received. I did request a statement of Malatiny not registered, a part of him is not assigned. Error or employee, or policy of the Bank”.

Выкупить всем миром

Photo: abnews.ru

According to Natalia, the paper was accepted and told to wait, but she waited for just the headers. Maletina shows attached to the application the benefits for children and that it is at the labor exchange. Child benefits shall not be recoverable, and exchange Natalia has the two hundred rubles a month. “What did I have? — ask yourself Natalia. — And, most importantly, how?”

After the case was assigned to the journalist Nadymova, penalties for late bankers withdrew, leaving only the duty 21 803 ruble. Agreed that the current will come to the negotiations with the Bank. However, the Bank Maletina didn’t appear: by the time Natalia has no money even for public transport. Along the way, it turned out that Natalia and Adelina is one pair of boots for two. Most of the boots on Adeline, because in school you should walk. And while the student gets home after school and drama Studio, the right Department in the Bank is already closed.

Natalia Nalimova decided the next day off from work and take Natalia to the Bank in his car. And at night wrote on Facebook: “13-year-old girl from school in a hurry home, there waiting for her four-month-old sister and mother. Wait, don’t go out of the house. Boots-that some mother and daughters. Here is a mother and runs, and a walk with my youngest, only when the eldest gets back from lessons. 36-year-old Natalia were in a difficult situation: the collectors are threatening, dead parents, now gone and the men who could help. Debt is not such and big… But other incomes, except for children, no family”.

Nadymova asked about diapers and baby food. In addition, however, the money had gone.

“First to respond to my friend Maxim Shipachev, Kemerovo blogger. He sent five hundred roubles, — says Natalia. — I went to his page to thank — and he asked for the account number where to send. I said. By morning, the entire amount was three thousand, five thousand, five hundred, two hundred rubles were sent”. All featured on two dozen people: “I hear the notification that a card entering — Pat, Pat — my heart is in tears the whole”.

The next day Natalia and Natalia went to the Bank and repaid the debt. Then both went through the city addresses — for diapers, food and clothing: “trunk out”. Of course, Malatiny now two pairs of boots.

“I think that played a role not only the story itself: the single mother with two children, — evaluates the story of Natalia is already from a professional point of view. — People are tired of horror collection. Someone turned off the light, someone smashed Windows”.

Выкупить всем миром

Natalia and her friends Nadymova prefer not to take consumer loans

Photo: Yuri Vasiliev

Journalist Nadymova works in three places at once, herself a mortgage — about 13 thousand per month for a Studio. It is good that she as a young professional, having the merits to the region (in the area of this article of encouragement), got the grant for the down payment. Worse, the house is not built yet, so she rents an apartment, and that another 13 thousand rubles. “Consumer loans have all of your friends around, assures Nadymova. But on vacation, home appliances and a new mobile phone any more don’t take: something big — a car, an apartment. That is, financial literacy is growing”.

Do as Jack

According to research of experts of the Financial University under the government of the Russian Federation, Kemerovo city is in third place in Russia on overdue debts. In the field the situation is no better. If you count the credits for all of the region’s population — 2 million 800 thousand people, then every citizen has 70 thousand rubles debt. And even though the total amount of loans decreases the delay increases. Last year it almost doubled.

“In good time almost every house was opened, the credit institution, every store was occupied by their representatives, — says Deputy head of the Kemerovo region for economy Dmitry Islamov. — As we say, with eight sides kiss — try a without credit go away!”

One of the reasons for such a sharp credit based and financial illiteracy of the population. Vice-Governor shows his mother’s letter with a request to help her daughter. Daughter works in law enforcement, but financial literacy is not her added: twenty-five loans made during the credit boom, and the inability to serve them in the current environment. “People start problems, banks are trying very hard to talk, being humiliated, says Islamov. — People in desperation may come to suicide. For us the main thing — to show that the hopelessness of this, but there is the established order is the law that should be followed, which need to understand.”

With hopelessness in the field of coping as they can. The Commission on complex situations with debts created in almost every city: officials, representatives of banks, law enforcement, major employers. “There is no such that we again and repaid the loan to the debtor, explains Islamov. — But we can help you get started with the Bank for debt restructuring. Did not work with the Bank, referred the case to the court — is not necessary to despair. Bailiffs can’t take more than half of the earnings. Well, in the end, there is a law on bankruptcy of individuals”.

Выкупить всем миром

Photo: Viktor Korotayev / Kommersant

However, Natalia Maletina, as found by the correspondent of “Tape.ru”, or heard. Its financial literacy campaign was limited to Kemerovo stops, which sealed proposals to refinance. The most popular with advertisers the way — captain Jack Sparrow, escaping from the crowd of lenders. However, the debtors believe that there are simpler, as they think, the way of solving the credit problems.


After Natalia Nalimova and her character appeared with his story in the First channel, Kemerovo journalist immediately gained popularity. Now in all social networks it is besieged by those who can not pay the debts great and small.

“My mother took out a loan, delay three months, yesterday got 18 thousand roubles, — Natalia reads the message. I am a single mother, will come to me as a relative. Mom drinks, I took her card, but very afraid for the children.”

“My mom asked me to help my brother said that it took the credit because he pays child support, and him money banks do not give. A year and a half the brother’s business gone bankrupt, and loans — about one million in different banks — have left.” For obvious reasons, Natalia can’t help all these people. She gives simple advice how not to aggravate the already difficult situation, but first recommends that you contact a specialized lawyer if there’s no special fee.

“Well, I’m now debt-Russian mommy — sums Nadymova. But I often notice that people don’t want to repay the debt, even if the opportunity they have. I want someone this problem to throw at the good people of the state. And our Natalia worked before the birth of Alice. Took and returned the loans, as a conscientious contributor with a good story. She’s in a newspaper that asked that she be told how to be how to talk to collectors. Asked nothing — no money, no aid, nothing.”

Further assistance from Natalia Maletina refuses. Employment options after Alice a little older, she has already been offered — the same people that gave money and things for the kids: “basically, the trade, of course, can not do anything more”. Says that the loans will not take any more. And their children can talk.

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