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These professions have a detrimental impact on your health

Эти профессии оказывают пагубное влияние на ваше здоровьеDoctors insist that students are attentive to their health and held at least once a year a complete examination.

The doctors analyzed the influence of different professions on the cardiovascular system and came to the conclusion that the most dangerous to our hearts are the following specialties, writes the Chronicle.Info with reference to the Correspondent.

The top ten adverse professions include: operators and managers, airline and railway lines, machinists, drivers, pilots, administrators, managers, and other managers. People occupying these positions, don’t move and are forced to quickly make important decisions, often under very difficult conditions.

Such professions require good nutrition with a high content of protein and sufficient amount of vitamins C, B1 and B6, in which more than just the body needs. Also people of these specialties is recommended to give up Smoking.

All free time from work it is impossible to spend on the computer or TV. You need to switch the brain on to another activity – porukodelnichat, listen to music, unpretentious about anything to chat. It is very important to spend at least 1-1,5 hours a day in the fresh air, the most favorable types of physical activity are tennis, Cycling, volleyball.

People in these professions are encouraged to go to bed no later than 23.00, the sleep should be sound and efficient. As a sedative it is best to use infusions and decoctions of motherwort and Valerian, as well as 1-2 teaspoons of honey dissolved in water.

The next category of professions that have a negative effect on the heart, are: actors, singers, teachers, lecturers, surgeons and Intensivists. Their distinguishing feature – a long stay on his feet, and emotional stress and increased responsibility for their actions.

To minimize the impact of those activities on the cardiovascular system by using balanced nutrition, in which particular attention should be paid to the b vitamins, magnesium, phosphorus and potassium. You also need about 4-6 times a day to do exercises for the legs and feet. It is equally important to give up Smoking, this can not only prevent heart disease but also to reduce the risk of developing serious diseases of the vessels of the legs. People in these professions doctors do not recommend Jogging and Cycling, it is better to give preference to swimming.

Another threat for the life of the heart is a group of occupations characterized by heavy physical exercise, work in hot shops, the impact of electrostatic fields of high intensity and ionizing radiation. The people of these professions must strictly comply with all sanitary standards are developed.

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