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The stomach of Iran – in the US, and he is against oil restrictions

Желудок Ирана - в США, и он против нефтяных ограничений

Iran plans by the end of March to increase oil exports to 2 million, and in the second half of 2016 – up to 3.6 million barrels per day.

And discuss the freezing of oil production it is not ready – until then, until you reach production of 4 million barrels per day. And it is curious that at the same time he does not call.

Iran seeks to restore its oil exports after the lifting of sanctions, why suffer Russia, which has made many efforts to cancel the oil embargo imposed on Iran.

And because Tehran was in stark opposition to even their Savior, and the Minister of oil said roughly seeking to freeze the production – leave us alone.

But what is important.

Without Iran meeting of the countries largest producers of oil, is scheduled to take place on 20 March in Russia, is meaningless.

Oil analysts believe Iran is, thus, wittingly or unwittingly, became the main defender of U.S. interests and plays to the dollar, which he hates.

And although trends in the society indicate a clear desire to move towards the West, the country ruled by the ideology of the Islamic revolution, in which the verbal confrontation with the US.

But today, Iran, despite the anti-Americanism in the head, “the stomach” is in the U.S. and the developed world.

There Iran plans to get modern technology, equipment, planes, machines, weapons and money.

Iran has at all times imported fuel.

It comes 2 ways: via the Caspian sea from Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan and Turkmenistan and through the tolling of oil to India and return therefrom of gasoline and diesel fuel.

Iran urgently needs an effective oil and gas production and processing, and is not interested to lose trade and money.

And because, like all third world countries during the chase for the illusive leadership, the head says one thing and your stomach calls for something else.

So judge for yourself – it will be Iran to limit or freeze the oil or not.

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