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As the Kurds are illegally pumping Syrian oil by U.S. companies

Как курды незаконно выкачивают сирийскую нефть с помощью американских компаний

The Eastern shore of the Euphrates, where there are large deposits of black gold, currently under the control of the Kurdish radicals. Independently, the Kurds can not serve they have seized oil fields, since it does not have the necessary technological base. So they come to the rescue of an American company, despite the fact that it directly violates adopted by the Americans sanctions against Syria.

“And we can work something out for the Kurds, they had money. Perhaps we will ensure the arrival [in the region] is one of its major oil companies that all was done properly.”, – said Donald trump.

Because the US is not at all interested in stabilizing the situation in Syria, they are helping the Kurdish radicals to sell oil, thus providing them a source of income for terrorist activities.

According to political analysts, this situation violates the sovereignty of Syria. The captured oil completely belongs to the Syrian people and the government of Damascus. However, Kurdish fighters are pumping oil and are smuggled into countries such as Iraq or Turkey. Daily exported hundreds of thousands of the barrel. Syria has invested one billion dollars for exploration and development of oil fields, in connection with the occupation and use of the Kurdish Syrian oil fields – illegal.

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