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Coalition forces the US to attack oil tankers in Syria

Силы коалиции США атаковали нефтяные танкеры в Сирии

Forces under the leadership of the United States blew up three oil tankers in Syria, as the United States increase its pressure on Syria, preventing the oil trade between the PKK / YPG and Assad’s regime, according to local sources cited by several media sources.

The attack was carried out by coalition aircraft who shot down three oil tanker, killing four people were killed. The coalition has not yet made a statement about the attack. In the area controlled by Assad, the oil consumption is about 136 000 barrels per day. Meanwhile, production is 24 000 barrels per day. This means that the regime needs to import significant quantities of crude oil with an estimated value of more than $ 2 billion a year.

The attack occurred a few weeks after the EU extended its sanctions against Assad’s regime one year after the Syrian regime has upped the ante in the repression against the Syrian people, bringing the Syrian crisis to a boiling point.

A few weeks ago there were reports that Iran had resumed oil supplies to Syria after the imposition of U.S. sanctions with respect to the first of them, when on 5 may to Syria from Iran arrived million barrels. Perhaps there will be new illegal supply of oil in the form of a new border crossing between Iraq. and Syria is currently under construction , told Fox News last week, based on satellite images showing that the construction is carried out.

In Syria, the Arab residents of the oil-rich area of Deir Ezzor in April began protests against U.S.-backed Kurdish forces who control the region East of the Euphrates. The protests have disrupted the flow of oil from the nearby fields, most of which were controlled by the U.S.-backed Syrian democratic forces since the end of 2017.

The lack of fuel and electricity that are happening now in Syria, have spoiled the former supporters of al-Assad against his rule. Iran, which in recent years have invested billions in Syria to support the Assad regime now feels US pressure on both fronts – one at home because its oil exports are restricted and the other in Syria.

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