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The presentation of the alpha version of Brutal Doom 64

Презентация альфа-версии Brutal Doom 64In the Internet appeared the video demonstration of an early alpha version.

Known on the website ModDB user under the pseudonym of Sergeant Mark IV, to whom we owe the existence of wonderful modification of Brutal Doom, started processing Doom 64.

Recall that the original was developed and released by Midway Games for the Nintendo 64.

It was a kind of offshoot of the main series of Studio id Software, released in the spring of 1997 in the USA and later reached other markets. In terms of mechanics Doom 64 is identical to its predecessors: run, shoot, looking for the keys, trying not to get lost in the intricate maze-levels. Despite the victory over the army of hell, the demons still occupy the complex on Phobos and Deimos. In the hope to get rid of them, the army conducted a powerful radiation attack, but all is not as smooth as we would like. Because of the army radiation sensors missed another threat that can revive the demons and make them even stronger than before. So, we are again all alone fighting the hellish creatures.

In the modification of Brutal Doom 64 the author plans to significantly expand the number of animations and effects that add new weapons, enemies, largely to process graphical component. In General, to go the same path as that of Brutal Doom. To share my first success, Sergeant Mark IV has published a video demonstrating an early alpha version. According to him, has a lot of work, so in the open access modification he has not yet posted. In the video you can see that at this stage most of the time was devoted to cards brightness and lighting effects. We can also look at a few enemies and a few weapons. A little later will be published a full trailer and called the approximate release date of modification.

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