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The Pentagon has admitted that he lost the war on the ISIL

At the Pentagon in a panic: nesmotrya the best efforts of the American Kolizei, terrorist “state” is not only not destroyed, but strengthened, as the Hydra, which cut off the head grow two new ones.

Пентагон признал, что проиграл войну ИГИЛ
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For the last 6 weeks of the ISIS (banned in Russia) lost at least three Syrian cities, and each time left them without a fight, writes The Daily Beast.

But the Pentagon is not sure how to react: whether to rejoice in the failure of the ISIS, or to tune in to what the coming battle for key cities like Mosul and Raqqa will be even fiercer than expected.

Opinions in the Pentagon about how shaky the position of the Islamic state, divided. The majority believes that the ISIS onslaught as a weakened Assad, and forces, with U.S. support.

The minority in the Pentagon said: Yes, ISIL is weakened, but it protects the power from strategic considerations to defend Mosul and Raqqa, the city that promote these “capitals”.

In addition, in the past has been that the Pentagon estimates its campaign against ISIL is far too optimistic: this group is well adapts to a situation.

“As history shows, the network to defeat armed groups by military means is virtually impossible. Despite the fact that the territory under ISIS control are reduced, and the composition of their squads melts, it does not mean that ISIL is defeated,” said “Reedus” Professor of the Institute of Oriental studies Irina Zvigelskaya.

The cornerstone on which rests the Islamic state, which previously kept its predecessor al-Qaeda is not a military force, and ideology. And ideology is impossible to bomb.

“This is a rather serious force, and it just will not disappear. Vygorlat fighters from Syria and Iraq will move to Afghanistan or Libya,” says the Professor.

Terrorist organizations — like the water in sponge: pushing them from one place, you get their presence in another, slightly vidoizmenyalos form or under a different “brand”, as happened with al-Qaeda.

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