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The U.S. as a factor of destabilization of the world geopolitical system

США как фактор дестабилизации мировой геополитической системы

The confrontation of two world systems ended with the destruction of the USSR and the birth of a unipolar world with the full and unconditional US hegemony. It would seem that the Americans fulfilled his historical mission and by removing from the political arena, the ideological enemy, become the guarantors of peace and democracy. So thought many. But it turned out otherwise. The destruction of the bipolar system became the Foundation of the world, and the beginning of a new geopolitical process of rebuilding the political system of the States under the protectorate of the US policy.

U.S. aggression in different parts of the globe under the auspices of the doctrine of protection of national interests, the destruction of States and the destabilisation of entire regions – an incomplete chronicle since the end of XX century and early XXI century. Starting a direct war against the USSR in Afghanistan, the Americans already used the Islamic factor. Some of the geopolitics associated stubborn opposition Afghan groups against the Soviet Union with Islamic radicalism or even fundamentalism. This judgment is not correct and cannot be correct on the fact of military action. Against shuravi fought various groups and tribes with different national and even religious ideology. This example shows the unfairness of the stereotypes of our analysts. Americans less interested in ideological tendencies of players, they accentuate them on a specific task.

In the destruction of the established system of post-Soviet Europe the Americans have harnessed all – Muslims, Christians, nationalists, separatists. Someone stood in the ranks of the rebels who became a fighter, someone who fought for democracy or, on the contrary, defended the idea of national States. But all together they destroyed Yugoslavia and divided the other States, implementing the U.S. program for the enslavement of Europe.

Ideologically heterogeneous Europe was a powerful industrial body with serious economic and technical potential. Prospects of growth of welfare of citizens and the extinction of the antagonism of ideologies was never in doubt, if not for the intervention of the overseas partners. The number system and increasing challenges that has Europe in real time, do not give the opportunity to speak about its long term prospects.

Remember the post-war construction of Europe. Poland was restored as the state with the help of Russia twice – in 1918 and in 1944 Romania was born as a result of the Russo-Turkish war and became a sovereign in 1877-78, Bulgaria was the state as a result of the same war, however, as Serbia. After the Second world war cost the lives of millions of Soviet soldiers these countries became sovereign States of free Europe.

But economic prospects and national independence of these States under question. The guarantee of the sovereignty and the impetus for further development will give only a multipolar world with a vector, what Europe has great resistance.

I can unequivocally state that the global stability is gone along with the Soviet Union. The geopolitical process of change to the world coordinate system started long ago, but only with the destruction of the USSR, he gained the form and potential that makes the United States while following their interests not to take into account any of the acts and the conditions of international law. Moreover, the rights and interests of sovereign States. Total lies and hypocrisy, ideological and informational fooling people – the basis of national policy of the United States. Yugoslavia, Libya, Iraq and other States – victims of the immoral and aggressive policy of the United States can not be an example of democratic, legal resolution of problems. The Americans saw problems in the fact of existence of these States.

Globalization, as one of the tools of the new geopolitics, completes the deformation state of the foundations of most countries, translating them in the category of second-class. Destroys national identity of people and negates any manifestation of originality, blurring the moral and ethical dimension of people’s mentality.

System of a unipolar world splashed all the negative potential of Imperial thinking in the worst form. Moral and spiritual enslavement of peoples is reminiscent of colonial times. Global reformation of the world in geopolitical public relations can be seen clearly. Now there is a change in spiritual and moral foundations of human existence. Coming the moral breakdown of the civilized system in which we live.

We are in the initial phase of world war III. She has other forms, and many do not understand the meaning of what is happening, thinking and hoping to negotiate with the Americans. The idea of world domination can not dissolve by itself, based on our desires, it is ancient, historic, and requires counteraction.

You must realize that all local and regional conflicts – religious, nationalist or other problems – one agent, one Center. Therefore, to approach every problem, every conflict, as the phenomenon of the world category.

That is, the existence of ISIS (banned in the Russian Federation a terrorist organization – ed.) and his actions should be seen as part of the process that takes place under the direct control of the American analytical center. Circuit conflicts involving Islamic militants traced back to the Afghan war and, having acquired a modern format, has proved himself in all the Arab revolutions. ISIL – latest, modern, so to speak, the stage of development of a terrorist organization. With their territory, by source of funding and even attributes of quasi-States. Changing groups ideology from national resistance and the protection of its territory in Afghanistan to religious-political expansion in Syria. Range of shades of religious ideology also varies, ranging from moderate to extremely radical.

The parties involved in the conflict in Syria, different interests. Saudi Arabia reinforces the position of the Sunnis. Iran, in contrast to the Sunnis and Israel supports Assad. Turkey, everything else, more is the question of Kurdish autonomy. USA, as always, claim their right to determine the destinies of peoples and States. According to Congressman Kennedy (nephew of JFK): “Crucial to the U.S. campaign for the displacement of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad has refused from construction of a gas pipeline from Qatar to Europe. The pipeline would have been stronger if Qatar, which is the closest U.S. ally in the region. But al-Assad has made a choice in favor of the pipe going from Iran to Lebanon and then to Europe. If such a project would be implemented, he could have made a major gas supplier to Europe not Sunni Qatar and Shia Iran.” So each of these States considers military action of ISIS units in accordance with their objectives. Only Russia has no personal interests and is fighting the spread of terrorism and respect for international law in relation to sovereign States.

Thinking about the interaction of Russia and Eurasia, I suggest not to forget the situation in the Ukraine, its ideology is radical nationalist character. This factor is more pronounced than religious, and military conflict built on it, but also a religious component in the opposition to use it regularly.

The technique of provocations, down to the tools and techniques in common with the methodology of the organization of color revolutions, repeating the recommendation of the supervisors word for word. Which begs the seemingly simple conclusion –the authors of all the major conflicts of recent times are the Americans or the center, behind the facade of all actions of the Anglo-Saxons.

We talk about some kind of world government and order, and for good reason. I think the truth is somewhere near. Because the tenacity with which carrying out the plan for world domination is contrary to common sense, sparing neither men, nor the means corresponds to this inhumane, satanic idea.

What are the objectives manifested in the implementation of this program? The actions of NATO and satellites indicate three global projects:

1. To deprive the middle East of any serious public entities.

a) to create ideologically sound and ready for further aggression by the terrorists group,

b) to gain control of the oil and gas industry in the region.

2. Finally to demoralize Europe, depriving her even of the hopes of competing:

a) fill it with refugees

b) to undermine the economy.

And most importantly in the first part of the epic geopolitical:

3. To destroy and dismember Russia.

What could oppose Russia and Eurasia? It is very difficult to say, because Europe, and if he sees trouble coming, we absolutely can do nothing about it. And moreover, participate in sanctions against Russia, exacerbating its problems.

We find ourselves with a situation in which the USSR before the Second world war. One on one with Nazi Germany, to the military potential of which worked all Europe, and America with England pushing for aggression against the Soviet state. In this connection it is expedient to coordinate and strengthen the positions of Russia, Belarus and States in Central Asia. Politicians must understand that neutrality in this game is not productive. You need to force the beginning of a story of a multipolar world, and to start it was today. First of all, it efforts to create effective antiepilepsy, the anti-terrorist coalition. It is clear that the CENTER will use other forms of expansion and pressure for penetration on the territory of sovereign States, so the main task would be to identify allies and establish a system of common security for the participants of the multi-vector, multi-polar world.

U.S. policy and actions of this country destabilized at any point that they declare a particular area of interest. In the literal expansive understanding of U.S. policy, the area of their interests – the entire globe. They say that they reserve the right to use the armed forces of a state in any region where they could face danger.

Provocations and aggression against sovereign States and the preconditions for the invasion of create intelligence. This injustice causes a reaction and counteraction. Dozens of time tested scenario of development of the conflict rarely fails. The flames of war in the middle East flared in Iraq, already killed more than a million people. But do not forget the war of Iran with Iraq, and Iraq’s invasion of Kuwait. This successive acts of a single global performance.

Speaking on “Islamic terrorism” and terrorist groups and opposition to this threat to all phenomenon, it is necessary to analyze the previous history of outbreaks of bloodshed. The practice of state terrorism, calls-to-action or counter-terrorist groups and groups of type al-Qaeda and other fighting today on the side of ISIS. Also has a negative impact on the Islamic world, the situation in Palestine.

All this external factors influencing destabilization on a global scale, and, in particular, in an Islamic space.

Religion is a worldview that carries in its core equality and justice, but the socio-economic causes engendered by modern society, including Islamic, are contrary to this ideology, which is used by the propagandists of radical ideas. Injustice and lack of social equality, the inability to Express themselves and implement healthy ambitions are transformed into aggressive plane and push youth in the ideological network of terrorist groups. Religious motivation of protest against injustice to the spread of violence and cruelty.

Complements the picture of prejudice against Muslims in some States. Cruel treatment on the part of state structures and regular problems due to the religious worldview also lead youth to radicalization and complicate the relationships in society.

Globalization, undoubtedly, is the project of discrediting Islam and the weakening of its global importance. Financial and organizational support to the radicals led to a systemic activation of terrorist groups, to regular acts of terrorism across continents and have become the Foundation of the birth of ISIS. Importantly the actions of these groups, and especially ISIL forces, was that the war with Islam are Muslims themselves, without realizing it.

ISIS – so serious project that you approach it with the standards of Autonomous religious terrorist organization does not realize the problem in its entirety. ISIS – a global long-term project with the possibility of use in any place of our planet against any Islamic state. Options for modifying the idea and use of the potential forces of the ISIS variety.

The full set of factors contributing to the radicalization of Islamic youth, not also small. I will focus on four main:

a) absence of true knowledge, ignorance, leading to distorted perceptions of the Islamic doctrine,

b) the General crisis of the Islamic worldview,

b) change the General way of life, the transformation of traditional social relations, changing the moral scale of the dorms,

d) passion and perfectionism that is inherent in youth.

Accordingly, the effectiveness of preventive measures and counteraction to radical ideas and their consequences will depend on interactions with the Islamic States.

We talked about the States of Central Asia, but two large countries with great influence in the Islamic world, Pakistan and Afghanistan are not included in the orbit of cooperation. This proposal may cause confusion, but politics is the ability to find friends. Many moments of our common history suggest closer cooperation. Both these countries are ideological opponents of the United States and of this system, and their Alliance with Washington are short-lived and has no historical perspective. Russia should go with them on the approach, and do not be afraid of Islam in any of its format.

Closer contacts with the Islamic world and the active involvement of Muslims, their citizens in building an ideological Alliance with these countries will bring serious dividends in the confrontation with radicalism and will provide a solid base for future interaction with the countries of the Islamic world on a deeper spiritual basis.

Relations and bilateral and coalition, will strengthen the system of counteraction of these countries the threat of global terrorism and the inclusion in the circle of the other States, but various treaties that would increase the possibility of confrontation between the US hegemony and create the Foundation of the multipolar world.

Cooperation with the Islamic world in the religious, the spiritual realm can become a serious factor for the credibility of theological Islamic Organizations, Councils and Conferences – the primary instrument of creating a common religious approach to the destruction of the ideas of radicalization.

The process of globalization is the wave of this global spiritual crisis, and not just the crisis of the Islamic worldview. The apparent critical condition of the other religions, the devaluation of the principles of humanity taking place against the background of the General decline of morality.

The opposition to global terrorist organizations arising from these problems, should include large-scale, complex solutions nationwide categories:

  • Association against the policy of coercion and enslavement, the ideology of permissiveness, used by Western States.
  • The creation of a common methodology of teaching of Islamic Sciences in the religious-ideological understanding of the absolute value of human life and the priority of the good disposition of the believer above all else.
  • The development and strengthening of humane principle of equality and justice at all levels of government and public relations.
  • The call of society to blame aggressive secularism.
  • Russia sees the whole picture of American expansion and does not share the devaluation of the sovereignty of Europe, the war in Ukraine, the move by Turkey, war in Syria, economic sanctions against Russia in a variety of kin and nature of the impact independent from other political events. This particular phase of the ideological struggle against our state. The Americans finally want to solve Russian question and assign on it ten years. Americans are not engaged and unlikely to come into direct confrontation with Russia. History does not know the aggressor, which would not be lost, starting a war against our state.

    The adversary and his minions is rich in provocations. Russia should use its full potential, and to unite the States, to be incorporated in the proposed framework of the Eurasian cooperation.

    The world cannot forever balancing on the brink of disaster. The attack on the Turkish aircraft RF – this is the same line that may be followed by irreversible processes.

    It is desirable to consider and calculate the development paradigm of States of the Eurasian zone. We understand that the world has changed and the factors affecting the relations between the state and regions are many and diverse. The dynamics of interstate relations in the Eurasian development would be harder and more painful than currently.

    Stable growth of Chinese economy, the lifting of the sanctions on the Iranian economy scale will affect not only the economy of the countries of the Eurasian zone, but also their ideology of inter-state relations.

    Russia needs to understand this landscape and develop a long-term programme of preventive actions in the economic sphere, and geopolitical.

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