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The number of cars in Russia exceeded $ 56 million

Количество автомобилей на территории России превысило 56 миллионов

The fleet owned by the Russians, continues to grow. The day before, according to statistics, it became known that the number of cars registered in the country exceeded $ 56 million, making Russia one of the highest concentrations of cars of the countries on the planet.

According to traffic police, last year the number registered in the country of cars increased by 1.5 percent compared to the previous year and reached 56.6 million. This year the number of cars increased on average by 1.5 million, and most of them are cars.

It is noteworthy that until comparatively recently, in 2006 this figure amounted to 34 million vehicles. This comparison clearly demonstrates the momentum with which a growing number of cars on the territory of Russia. However, what is surprising in this is nothing, as the high oil prices in recent years allowed the Russians to buy cars in droves. However, now that the price of “black gold” has become very low and this has greatly affected the economy, we can say with confidence that the demand will decrease very much.

In the ranking of countries with the highest number of cars in Russia in the last few years falls in the top ten. While the highest number of vehicles traditionally can boast of the United States, as the richest country, and China as the fastest growing and populated. In addition, the cars are sold in Japan, which traditionally holds the first place.

Japan to such a high position is not surprising, as a considerable part of sold in Russia of cars on the secondary market comes from the land of the rising sun and was previously used by the Japanese. In this regard, the state can rightly be called one of the leaders not only in total number but also in terms of sales of passenger cars, because the Japanese change their fleet fairly active.

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