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The main symptoms of acute cholecystitis

Основные симптомы острого холециститаThe first signs of the disease.

Cholecystitis is one of the most common diseases of the digestive system, which affects mostly women.

Learn what measures to take to avoid cholecystitis.

Cholecystitis is inflammation of the gallbladder. Basically, the disease develops on the basis of gallstone disease. Acute cholecystitis can carry very serious consequences to health (the development of pancreatitis, inflammation and wounds in the abdomen).

There are acute and chronic forms of cholecystitis. If left untreated cholecystitis during his first appearance, the disease becomes chronic.

Agents of the disease in most cases, microbes that fall into the gallbladder from the intestines. Also, often the disease occurs because of a heap of stones in the bile ducts, making it difficult to release bile.

The main factor leading to the development of cholecystitis is irregular meals. Non-compliance with regime break the gall bladder – the bile is not consumed, and its stagnation in the bladder. So there are stones.

Also provocateurs of the disease is overeating, sedentary lifestyle, habitual constipation.

the first symptoms

Sudden sharp pain in the right hypochondrium, radiating to the right half of the back, may worsen with a deep breath
Nausea and vomiting with admixture of bile
temperature rise
sometimes jaundice

What to do

The main components of cholecystitis treatment is bed rest and starvation
Mandatory removal of intoxication with medications that the physician prescribes
Taking painkillers, antibiotics, antispasmodics

The basis of prevention of cholecystitis is the right diet with the necessary calories.

It should be remembered that the cholecystitis is a serious condition that can lead to serious consequences. Regular proper nutrition and an active lifestyle will help to reduce the risk of developing the disease. If you notice the first symptoms of cholecystitis, do not delay your visit to the doctor. This will help to avoid serious complications. Take care of your health.

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