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The father of the nanny-killer from Uzbekistan gave his first interview

“She said to me: “I’m scared, daddy!”

Отец няни-убийцы из Узбекистана дал первое интервью


Gulchehra Bobokulov that killed and beheaded 4-year-old girl because “she was ordered by Allah”, never before the nanny did not work, the Quran is not read in the mosque and did not go. About it “Газете.Ru” told her father, 62-year-old Bahritdin Turaev. Immediately after the detention of Babakulova in Samarkand arrested her eldest son of 19-year-old Rakhmatillo who used to live in Moscow and in late November, returned to Uzbekistan.


“We didn’t want her to go to Moscow, tried to dissuade her, said that here job she can find, and Gulchehra in any. Answered that she was boring, and there she “the daughter”, — says the father of the nanny Bahritdin Turaev. She often showed us the picture of a girl [courted in Moscow] and said that he is very bored without it. And in Samarkand she was not interested. She flew to Moscow on 23 January this year, I’m from Samarkand followed. And before that, nearly two months she was home, we with mother lived: watching TV, concerts are different, with classmates met with their children communicated. And everything was fine. She came to us to passport to make a new one because the old one is over.”

Gulchehra three sons. Senior, Rahmatillo, 19. He lived with her first husband. It happened after she got into the psychiatric hospital. With her husband after the hospital got divorced, the child took.

“It was in 2002, — the father remembers. She words some strange began to speak, her voice seemed, ceased to obey, aggression appeared in my life. I tell her: don’t go there, and if she doesn’t understand believes. Memory suddenly lost. I tried to console her, and she said to me: “I’m scared, daddy!” We took her to the hospital, where her 13 days kept.

Then let him go. It again two weeks at home was. And suddenly frightened again. “I see blood!” was all she said. We were afraid for her, back to hospital I went, but in another. It again put. Came on the third day, and we were told that she died. How that is explained nothing. It turned out that it was hemorrhoids, but it’s all right, alive. Pills prescribed, the prescription with the emblem issued. She saw them for a long time. Again all was fine”.

The Samarkand regional clinic of mental diseases “Газете.Ru” said Bobokulov appealed to him for help once. “Yes, it was in 2002, we put on record, but since then never saw us coming she, any complaints on it too wasn’t”, — reported in the hospital.

Second son, who is 18 years old and he studies at the College of tourism, Bobokulov was raised to 1.5 years. It’s about him, Gulchehra on police interrogation said that she had taken.

“My sister-in-law had no children, and they really wanted to, right grieved for that. We all decided to help them — that he lived in their family, Gulchehra’t mind seeing him as much as they wanted, the boy knew she was his mother, says Turaev. — The third son, born in 2000, lives with us, he’s in school, in College going.

Gulchehra went to Moscow to earn. Money sent, we bought the jacket, the shoes, the little house built for him, that she had earned.

We have a boy after College you can already marry, and to marry — he needs his own house, that’s my daughter on it and earned. My mother tried to dissuade her to not go anywhere when she for the first time in Moscow gathered. Her education after grade 10, never studied, just got married and gave birth to children. She and her husband had their vegetable garden, here it is and it worked: grew potatoes, tomatoes, apples. In General, wanted to forbid her to go, and she became aggressive, her hand on me lifted, said that now my mother and I to beat. “Okay, okay, I joked,” I reassured her and she left.”

According to the father, Gulchehra long worked on ovoschebazah where fingered bow. Then on Azerbaijanis worked, fruits and vegetables at the market were selling. In Moscow she met the second husband of a Snowdrift, with whom she lived a little over two years.

“He is also from Samarkand, though they got acquainted in Moscow. Married here, in Samarkand, as it should be. And then the daughter found out that he was cheating on her with a Russian, he was in Moscow that woman found. It was five and a half years ago, they divorced. Other men she has not been in Uzbekistan exactly, we’d know about it, because we have here with this strictly. In Moscow is not very present when she saw him — she lived in the family, with Rahmatillo while he’s on the Moscow market worked, it for all time only three times seen, they are far away from each other lived. Rahmatillo arrived from Moscow in late November and coming back there was not going. He was arrested Monday night had been taken somewhere, we don’t know where he was and what he was, we do not say anything”.

Bahritdin Turaev said that I was very surprised when he learned that his daughter got a job in Moscow as a nanny to a sick girl.

“I don’t know how she got a job as a nanny, how her family got, she never didn’t mention it, says Turaev. But this was her first family. She told us that when in Moscow, she misses her boys. And when here, mother was complaining that yearns for the girl, which cared, worried, how is she doing without her.

We have a big family, I have six daughters, 19 grandchildren and one great-grandchild, and we are all horrified at what she did! Forgive her, forgive us all, if this can be forgiven. The children cry, the mother fell ill. I didn’t and my daughter didn’t want this to happen”.

In court on Wednesday, Gulchehra Bobokulov said he killed the girl because “she was ordered by Allah.” Father says she never went to the mosque, do not wear the hijab and have not read the Quran. “About Allah she didn’t say that. What got into her, the voices told her? — he is going through. — I before she left Moscow, was asked how she feels, all she if to her there are. She replied that everything is fine. If it don’t hurt or scream at her, she’s very quiet usually.

It should be treated, because she herself would never do. I can heal, Yes? If not, then let them bring her here, she will help, otherwise it will disappear”.

Psychiatrist Lyubov Vinogradova from the Independent psychiatric Association says that the voices that tell something to do is the worst thing that can happen to a person.

“These people can’t resist, can’t control their behavior, to think critically about their actions. What Bobokulov on the court smiling and laughing, so more proof: her behavior shows its inadequacy. Such voices could appear from time to time, but to be invisible to others. Besides, it may start suddenly, and do not guess, why it happened, says Vinogradov. — We had a mom in the tub drowned her baby. The same voice commanded, he claimed that he was possessed by a demon and must be exorcised. And before that she was a wonderful mother of three children who are loved and constantly cared for. The situation is very different, we need to understand. Of course, the court will appoint a complex forensic-medical examination. The mom that her son drowned, was a temporary disorder: she was overstrained, was very upset that her husband left the family, and here in what it resulted. We observed this woman for many years. She recovered and completely normal, got remarried, gave birth to the child, loves children, lives a normal life.”

In the Samarkand branch of the women’s Committee of Uzbekistan said that the Republic does not approve of when women leave for work. “We’re telling people: don’t leave, no child left behind, we’re you’ll find, but they still go and stay in Russia, — have explained in Committee. — And then they come back, we’re trying to bring them in, and sometimes they are very heavy, do not even want to tell you.”

“We are tired of their abortion to do and tremble, when again the Tajik or Uzbek throws the baby in the trash, says Gavkhar dzhuraeva of the human rights centre “Migration and law”. — Over the years, they don’t see their kids, traveling when I’m at home and become bitter sometimes worse than men.

The house is also no support in Uzbekistan do not want their women went to work. I also think that those younger than 25, actually to put here, they immediately fall into the risk group. They will still pay do not pay, more than 70% appeals to us due to the fact that women throw money. And strikingly, do not pay, as a rule, wealthy Muscovites, and the old woman, on the contrary, — and the mountain behind them are, and asking them not to deport.

As for the murderer of this girl, I don’t believe that she was crazy, why wasn’t she shot the damn thing! I, as a non-Russian triples with guilt from what she did.

I believe that she was infected with certain ideas, and she didn’t just killed the girl, and gave ideological and symbolic action. She screamed that he hates “your democracy” promised to blow up all and said that she was a suicide bomber”.

Version that Babakulova were accomplices are radical Islamists, treatybetween along with the insanity. Perhaps, therefore, arrested and her eldest son to find out all his contacts and acquaintances in Moscow. There is information that allegedly she had a roommate-Tajik, which could persuade her to crime.

Meanwhile in social networks during the day, has already collected more than 2.5 million rubles to help the family of the dead girl. Rented apartment in which they all lived, almost completely burnt down, and the corridor. “While the girl parents are not allowed to bury, they are in a very poor emotional state, things that burnt were dismantled in the ashes, that though as-that to do,” says close family friend. To journalists, they do not talk.

“We are trying to protect from all, and then already write that they are bad parents, because the schizophrenic overlooked or the nanny saved. All this is cynical and inappropriate. There is something sick to look for the perpetrators among the victims,” says a family friend.

Raising money the family of the dead girl and the diving club “Aquanaut” in which the girl’s parents were engaged in. Actually, time itself appeared, when the house settled the nanny Bobokulov and the girl’s mother was able to go to work. Prior to that, the girl’s parents were in rehab in China and wanted to capitalize on her treatment in Germany — in Russia they said that the medicine here is powerless girl and nothing will help.

“The girl was a total invalid, she was in, couldn’t even take a toy in his hands, even the head did not hold! You have no idea how hard it is to see your child like that! says Anna, who met the family of SPC in Solntsevo, where the girl had surgery. — The mother of a child needed a nurse who could feed, give medicines on time and take care of the girl! About this woman (Bobokulov. — “Газета.Ru”) she told me long ago, she had them about three years to live. She seemed content, as the nurse watched the girl, never anything bad she wasn’t told about it”.

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