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Babysitting, cut off the head of a girl, 15 years old suffered from schizophrenia

On Monday the name of Gulchehra Babakulova learned the whole country. The nanny that killed 4-year-old girl, on interrogation confessed to investigators that an attack of aggression she had caused family turmoil. According to the detainee, the woman nezadolgo before the crime he returned from Uzbekistan, where she learned about her husband’s infidelity. We contacted the precinct of the tribal village Babakulova to figure out the details of a family drama.

 Няня, отрезавшая голову девочке, 15 лет страдала тяжелой шизофренией

photo: ntv.ru
Investigative experiment.

– On Monday afternoon the parents Bobokulov and her husband was summoned for questioning – told us the representative of the Department of internal Affairs of Samarkand region. – The night before they testified. Tuesday morning the interrogation lasted. I can say one thing: loved ones are shocked by the brutal killing, but surprise they have actions of this lady caused. They could well understand why Gulchehra on it went.

Read online report of the trial of Bobokulov.

Shocking details of the life of Babakulova told us the policeman of the village where the family lives.

– We have Gulchehra knew. The woman was strange, to put it mildly. The explanation is that because she has a diagnosis of schizophrenia. She has long stood on the account in a psychoneurological clinic, the appropriate help she was.

– Parents knew about the diagnosis daughter?

Of course he knew. Everything around knew. She used to work here could not get it for this reason.

– Bobokulov had behaved inappropriately at home?

– Strange things had occurred in the spring. Once the spring was approaching, his parents tried to put her in a psychiatric clinic. Closely followed by the daughter.

– How long was she treated?

– She has the disease developed gradually. Earlier somehow it was not very noticeable. As the years began to progress.

– In the hospital her long held?

– The last time she was in the hospital for two years. It didn’t even want to release from there. It is clear that something very serious happened.

– Long has it been?

– About fifteen years ago my mother was hospitalized for two years. Then I was lying, but like half a year, not more. As soon as she last left the hospital, immediately went to Moscow. Quietly settled there to work.

– Came home often?

– Often. For the New year, for the holidays.

– But in Russia she had to undergo a medical examination…

– If passed, it is likely, deceived the medical Board. The conversations we have around here. Extracts their mental hospital she did not take with him. Anyone about his disease is not reported.

– Children at Babakulova where do you live?

– Here in the village.

– How old are they?

– The eldest is twenty. Medium — 16.

– Husband and how she lived?

– They have not lived together.

– Why did you get divorced?

In 2000 Gulchehra officially recognized insane. Very bad it was then. Increasingly, she suffered exacerbation. To live with her was dangerous. Radmin husband and left her.

They got divorced?

– Officially divorced in 2002.

– Radmin then got married?

– Yes, he’s married. He has a good family. Already two children were born there.

– And with whom the children live Babakulova?

– Eldest son lives with the parents of Gulchehra. Junior was left with his father. So, Radmin a new wife with four children.

– The man works?

– No, unemployed. And his wife does not work. We work hard now.

– What do they live? Maybe Bobokulov helped money?

– Money from her friends are not seen. Not clear on what she was spending. Radmir moonlights as a taxi driver, the car he owns.

– Gulchehra this disease is hereditary, someone in her family was sick too?

– No, everything is normal. Schizophrenia none of her relatives did not suffer. And stress no Bobokulov not worried, normal family. Lived like everyone else. .

– The parents of Gulchehra as experience?

– I don’t know. Daughter has been out of their control.


Няня, отрезавшая голову девочке, 15 лет страдала тяжелой шизофренией
photo: Anastasia Gadinsky
Bobokulov the investigative experiment

 – In the village, probably all talking about it?

– What to bring with mentally ill? Everyone is wondering another, as she had never done.

We contacted representatives of the Uzbek Diaspora and the NGO compatriots of Uzbekistan “UMID” in St. Petersburg. This is how they commented the crime photos.

— This story caused a wide resonance among the Uzbeks, says the representative of the Diaspora. — We carefully studied the video of the woman shouted something unintelligible. Immediately realized that something was not right. First, the clothes in which she went out, — a little awkward, so don’t dress our women of faith, the hijab was tied incorrectly, a feeling that she pulled I had. Apparently, hardly Bobokulov often prayed and was aware of the traditional clothing of Muslim women. Secondly, she could not kill the baby because of a trivial quarrel with her husband. In Uzbekistan, a woman will never raise a hand against the child. In our country, still in many cities to neonates and young children are addressed with “you” — it’s a tradition. In Russia there are many of Uzbek, have on hand three or five children. They live in poverty. I will say that they rather choose to live in hunger and cold, but their children food and warmth. It is in their blood. Our version of the tragedy of the next — most likely, someone took it speaks ill speech, and with this woman who, as it turned out, was a little off, to execute the plan turned out to be easy. It could pump the same spice and program for the actions that she committed. There are drugs that pour in enough tea to permanently demolished “roof”. And the rest is paperwork. If the house has surveillance cameras, you can trace him whether someone in the apartment where she lived. And as Bobokulov got to the station, who did, it is unlikely she did this on foot — from home to the subway to go at least half an hour.

— What could you need?

— Now the natives of Central Asia with terrible force displace from Russia. Then someone need it. In fact, after this incident, began mass layoffs of our countrymen with work. And to settle after this terrible tragedy Uzbeks and Tajiks now will be quite hard.



— Can a person, who 16 years ago was diagnosed schizophrenia, to take such medicines or not to receive such remission that others, including employers, are not even noticed no hint of the disease?

Andrey BABIN, psychiatrist-psychotherapist, head of psychotherapy:

— If you were diagnosed with schizophrenia and the patient was treated, and then take medication that achieved remission can be sustained. Also is and medicines — so-called spontaneous remission. And it is also often asymptomatic condition — i.e. no symptoms of disease the patient does not show. Schizophrenia is a progressive — with a heavy current and a negative Outlook, then the patient’s condition is noticeable to all. And sometimes soft variant of the course of schizophrenia, passing almost imperceptibly to outsiders. But it is important to note the features of the term “schizophrenia”, which traditionally is denoted by a whole bunch of psychotic disorders. Schizophrenia is a very complex in the formulation of a diagnosis, even for the most experienced doctors, and there is now a trend away from this diagnosis. Still “schizophrenia” was called a wide range of disorders without a set of common features. Today, psychiatry has become to point to certain diseases, to classify them and to give individual names, but “schizophrenia” is gradually disappearing. And given the complexity of the melanoma has been diagnosed, that in Uzbekistan schizophrenia, in Russia can easily turn out to be something completely different…

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