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The attack, and not crazy

If there are “instigators”, so it’s not schizophrenia. After that I showered
Теракт, а не сумасшествие

Теракт, а не сумасшествие
Photo: RIA Novosti

February 29 this year, 39-year-old citizen of Uzbekistan, Gulchehra Bobokulov cut off the head left her in the care of 4-year-old girl. She came to the metro station “Oktyabrskoye pole”, wrapped in a black hijab, and when the police asked for her documents, took out from the package the child’s head and cried: “Allah Akbar” and “you will all die”.

Even Bobokulov from time to time shouted “let’s blame the unfaithful” and “hate democracy”. The station was closed, the inputs and outputs are cordoned off and nearby shops were evacuated visitors.

Thus, in the center of Moscow happened to the Islamist terrorist attack. Exactly the same type, as in the theater “Bataclan” in Paris, although the scale, of course, incomparable. Exactly the same as the “hand of Washington”, etc.

The difference, however, was that “Washington hands” and “the Bataclan” were right there in all the national news and the front pages of Newspapers.

In Russia, however, has been incredible. None of the state TV channel did not even mention the attack in the centre of the capital. And on the Internet, which by definition can not shut up the role, he immediately got up amazingly well-coordinated campaign that Bobokulov in any case not a terrorist, and crazy.

We were immediately informed that she was under the influence of drugs. She is already 15 years schizophrenia. We even promptly told her that she was mad because her husband was in Uzbekistan re-married and asked her to be his second wife. The last idea was especially successful: at once it turned out that “Allahu Akbar”, Allah is just the practice of polygamy. Even as something strange came out, a woman in a hijab yells “Allah Akbar” — and not know that polygamy is allowed in Islam.

I can quite honestly say that even I bought it. Well, actually, what to talk about crazy? Because, you see, if Bobokulov yells “I hate democracy”, she’s clearly crazy. Where is it in Russia democracy found?

Then the RF IC spoiled raspberries. And reported that investigations had been launched against “the instigators of the crime”.


So if the “instigators”, so it’s not crazy? So, it is a terrorist attack?

After that I showered.

Began to emerge, one after another, details, and original PR version collapsed, leaving behind a trace.

It turned out that the diagnosis “schizophrenia” at Babakulova since 2000. And nothing, 17 years of age he not hurt her.

What Babakulova husband divorced her 15 years ago, just because of the diagnosis. He has long another family and children, and “second wife”, “mental confusion” is all nonsense.

But it turned out that Bobokulov lived with Islamist sites. She’s wrapped in a hijab.

What is in her book — the phone numbers of like-minded people.

Her husband, according to Sharia the past few years was Islamist from Tajikistan, which is just before the attack in advance and disappeared.

In the Internet appeared the film Bobokulov, confidently explain to the investigator his act of revenge Putin for bombing in Syria.

Than Bobokulov with a severed head in the hands is different from the militants in Syria with severed heads in his hands? Why she’s crazy, and they don’t? The answer is that they are part of the organization. And now it turns out that she also has a part.

Oh, no, gentlemen, this is not crazy. The madness is never collective. When it is collective, it is called ideology. And once a number of carriers of this ideology initially is not quite mentally healthy is a separate issue.

Of course, we can assume that the TV channels kept silent about the terrorist attack in Central Moscow out of the kindness of his heart — not to excite national and religious strife.

The problem is that they are not always so scrupulous about the proceedings of this very hatred.

On these channels you can see that Ms. Irina Bergset, which tells how the Norwegians raped her son dressed in a “suit Putin.” Then Galina Pyszniak, which tells a screen ORT on the boy, crucified on the Bulletin Board in Slavyansk. On these channels you can hear about Russian thirteen year old girl in Berlin, which is 30 hours raped seven refugees, and German damn politically correct even then the police refused to prosecute and said that no one was raped.

And that, perhaps, the most important thing in this whole story. It can easily be seen on the example of Bobokulov, from madness to ideology — one step, and this step is called “collectivity”. Ideology is a collective madness. This is when something in the mouth of one person looks sickly imagination, inadequacy, apparent mental disorder — suddenly acquires the status of immutable truth, is imposed on all as a reality broadcasts from all irons.

And this one is called Gulchehra Bobokulov, Irina Bergset or Galina Pyszniak is details.

And by the way: do the leaders of our TV that when they convey the story of a boy, crucified on the Board for ads, they are nothingneither in order, nor in habits, nor in methods is not different from the people who explained Babakulova that she must avenge the bombing of Putin in Syria, cutting off the head of a four-year child?

For once I agree with this foxy bitch! I guess the stars were upside-down?

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