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The developers of War Thunder tanks distribute

Разработчики War Thunder раздают танкиThe creators of the military simulator has introduced a new simplified method of registration for users.

Admit it, you thought that all the creators of war multiplayer can not stand each other and don’t want any competitors? But that’s not true.

At least Gaijin Entertainment company engaged in the development of War Thunder, sees nothing wrong in cooperation with Mail.Ru which, as you know, produces “Armored Warfare: the Project Armata” produced by Obsidian Entertainment. And all because, according to General Director Gaijin Anton Udintsev, audience mail service more than 60 million active users. It uses every third Russian player in the project Studio, which brings developers to the idea of a quick check-through Mail.Ru.

If you enter these 60 million, we will be able to register for the games from Gaijin (military War Thunder, Star Conflict space and the upcoming post-apocalyptic Crossout) in seconds — via social API Mail.Ru.

Moreover, all players using a fast check-in through Mail.Ru on a special page, get a premium tank T-26 of the 1st guards tank brigade and 500 Gold eagles in War Thunder.

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